Laughing and Singing

I met Leo at a Youth Parliament in 2010, where he was put in the position of having to deal with a particularly difficult individual. He kept the morale of the team up, by providing emotional support and being cheerful. Throughout the week that we were there, it was Leo who not only kept himself together but kept the rest of the group calm. He deserves much of the credit for making the event enjoyable and interesting. We became close friends quickly, which was not abnormal for Leo.

Leo convinced me to attend the University of Victoria and to push every day. I often think about him when I feel frustrated and it keeps me going. Throughout my first year in university, I often relied on him to keep my spirits up, which he did by coming over to talk, sing, and laugh with me. I only wish that we could have spent more time together, because I knew him for such a short while. He taught me that having fun and working hard are not as important as doing these things around people you love. If I could go back, I would spend more time with him laughing and singing.

– Layton Ramsey


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