Please Educate Yourself

In the year we graduated together, Leo Chan was voted most likely to take over the world.  He was going to be the first Asian Prime Minister of Canada and spread his compassion and beliefs across the country.  With all of the capabilities and dedication to do so, everyone knew he could take over the world.

In January 2012, Leo died of meningitis.

The amazing thing about Leo is that, even in death, he’s still trying to take over the world; or at least his legacy is.  Currently, his mother and father—Mabel and CK Chan of Coquitlam, BC—are campaigning to institute the meningococcal Y stream in BC.  It’s currently mandatory in the US, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, P.E.I., Newfoundland, and the Northwest Territories, leaving BC as one of the only remaining provinces that doesn’t offer the vaccine.

Before he passed away, Leo presented with flu-like symptoms and a stiff neck, classic signs of meningitis, but he was told it was merely the flu.  Leo is not the first to be misdiagnosed with meningitis—because it presents as the flu, it is commonly recognized as only the flu, but quickly morphs into a deadly disease.  It is also extremely contagious, and particularly common among young people who commonly share drinks, one of the main ways that the disease is passed from person to person.  However, if we are able to institute the vaccine in British Columbian institutions, we can prevent deaths like Leo’s.  Currently, the government claims the vaccine is too expensive, but as Mabel Chan begged, “How can you put a price on Leo?”

Please educate yourself and please vaccinate yourself.  The world does not need to lose any more future world leaders.

– Carolyn Moon


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