Leo Saves Lives

Around mid-March, I was informed that Leo’s story had caught the attention of the publisher of MacLeans, the prestigious national magazine of Canada.  A lovely lady connected with me to ask for permission to publish Leo’s story and picture for a campaign to promote National Vaccination Week. I gladly agreed and included Michael McDonald, Leo’s buddy who had collaborated with us in producing the video ‘I lost my friend to meningitis,’ which is now on You Tube.

Leo lost his human life to bacterial meningitis. He asked two doctors about vaccines that would protect him before he started at the University of Victoria, British Columbia. They failed to tell him. He was not aware of what he was at risk of.  My husband and I have since made it our mission to raise awareness about the fatal meningococcal disease in order to protect young people. With MacLeans carrying Leo’s story and a link to this website in their May 2018 issue, it means the message regarding vaccinations is now reaching out across Canada. That is what Leo would want us to do – spread the message far and wide!

Here is a link to the entire article. Hard copies of the magazine issue are available on news stands from now til the end of May 2018.

We are filled with gratitude for how this has unfolded. We are grateful for another Miracle. The previous one was when the BC Legislature adopted the quadrivalent vaccine to be part of the standard inoculation program for grade 9 students in BC two years ago. We are grateful for Divine intervention and human support.

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