Introducing “Signs and Synchronicities”

My son’s birthday is coming up on August 10th.  Leo, my only child was 19 when he transitioned 6 years and 7 months ago.  He would be 26, the most wonderful time for a young person.

I have the deepest knowing that Leo is with me and his dad.  I still miss him immensely no matter what I know.  Like all parents on this healing journey, I yearn for signs and messages from my child.  Thank Heavens!  These signs and synchronicities (SnS) keep coming.  I am grateful for these precious gifts from my son. They are confirmation that the Afterlife is real. Leo is alive and well and very busy where he IS.  With the ongoing SnS, he is affirming that he is still in our life and closer to us than ever.  I have also come to realize that these gifts are to be shared.  They are so comforting and reassuring that Life doesn’t end and Love never dies!  My husband and I are sharing these SnS in the hope that all who have children on the other side know that they are not gone. They will be included on the website Blog, under the category of Signs and Synchronicities, with the first post being published on August 10th, 2018.

Our children love us and would never stop showing us how much they love us.

My husband and I honour our son and thank him for all the amazing SnS that we are receiving in all ways and forms.  He is graciously reaching back to send his loving messages across the ever thinning veil. 💖  “We love you, Leo” ❣

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  1. Janine
    August 18, 2018

    I fully believe in signs and synchronicities. My son Bryn sends us signs and the synchronities have been amazing. He has confirmed these through mediums and said he is glad I connect the dots and realise it is him.
    Even when he is unable to send signs – for instance, one day I asked for our customary sign which you pretty much have to be outside to receive. It was hot and so I said to myself I was going to lie down and enjoy the aircon as it was too hot to wait outside for the sign. Blow me down if one of the first things I then saw was the sign, something unusual that wouldn’t ordinarily be used to advertise a guesthouse, come up as one of the first posts on my Facebook feed.

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