It was the end of November 2015 and we had been waiting for 3 months to get confirmation of our guest house booking at the University of Victoria.  We go there regularly to visit Leo’s Tree.  Then we heard in December that they were renovating and the place wouldn’t be ready for our January 2016 trip. I had to act quickly and tried 2 other options for a place to stay. They didn’t work. Eventually, I found another source and booked the ferry and hotel room for our trip.  That would be for Leo’s 4th Angelversary and still very difficult for me.

We got to the hotel with the help of our GPS and settled down for the night. Early the next morning, my husband went out for a walk outside by the sea. When he returned, he sat in the spacious lobby on a bench between 2 ponds of red and gold carp. He was then drawn to look up at the huge floor-to-ceiling glass panels across from him.

He saw what you are seeing on the picture ‘810’….

That’s the address of the hotel which we hadn’t paid attention to when booking. The hotel was chosen at random for us as we didn’t pick any in particular.

My husband had an epiphany.  He came back to the room and shared with me what he saw. We both instantly knew why none of the other places had worked out and we had to be in this particular hotel. This was all divinely orchestrated!

‘810’ is August 10th, Leo’s birthday!  It is also 8.10 – the exact time when Leo left his body to return to the spiritual realm!

This was confirmed by the nurse who attended to him in the ICU.  We were totally stunned by the brilliance of Spirit. We continue to be thrilled and grateful that Leo gave us this gift with the sign and synchronicity.  He’s showing us how close he is with us. He’s still very much around us and active in making all the arrangements.

Since then, whenever ‘810’ suddenly shows up on our digital devices, my cell phone, and car licence plates as we’re driving, we know well that our son is saying, “I’m here, Mom and Dad!” 💖

More of ‘810’

2013, January: we had a ceremony and a gathering on Leo’s Angelversary.  We talked about Leo’s birthday on 8/10.  One of the young men in the group is the recipient of Leo’s memorial scholarship. He said calmly: “ 8/10, is also my birthday.”  This can’t be a coincidence!

2017, September: we had help from a lovely lady booking the ferry and hotel for our Remembrance Day trip. We shared briefly about the synchronicity of the hotel’s 810 address and our son’s birthday.  Her response was: “My birthday is also 810!”

No doubt about it.  We thank Leo for 810 and his love for us.

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