Celebration 8/10!

We were in Victoria celebrating Leo’s birthday on August 10th.  We always have a ceremony and party at his Tree in the beautiful garden at UVic. It was a glorious sunny day and just the perfect weather for an outdoor event.

During the ceremony, butterflies big and small, white and colourful, flew in to join us. We noticed a small one sitting on a big white cluster of flowers – the Hydrangea, which I always call ‘Forget Me Not.’ It stayed very still there for the longest time. Long enough for our friend Zia to capture the image in the beautiful picture shown here.

There were flowers of different colours that our gardener friends had kindly brought us. This ‘little guy’ chose to sit on the big white one, making it very visible to us. We never knew when it came or left.  Thank you, Spirit!  It was divinely gorgeous!

A couple of weeks beforehand, on learning that Michael, Leo’s good friend, would be joining us for the ceremony and could help with getting balloons, I’d suggested that he get 8.

Now, in the garden, it was time to ask those present to come up and choose the colour they wanted. Michael said to us: “I bought 10 balloons though you suggested 8.”  (I also added that he go with whatever number seemed right). “But one of them leaked.” We saw a deflated balloon on the ground. “And another one flew away, so there are now 8 balloons left for the 8 of us here.” When planning the occasion, we didn’t know our young friends working in the garden that morning would be able to join us. Amazing! There are the 10 and the 8 again, another 810 synchronicity!!!

We were so thrilled as we knew what had happened. The balloon that flew away was one of Leo’s favourite colours!  We all laughed and thanked Leo for being with us.

The last time Michael brought 10 balloons to the party, I had also suggested 8 because I thought there would be 8 of us, but when the ceremony began, 11 people had arrived. Still, when it was time to give out the balloons, there were exactly enough. Someone had to leave early, leaving 10 of us with 10 balloons. That was another 810 SnS!  We didn’t know how many would show up and stay for the balloon release, but Spirit always knows.

“We love you, Leo, and the amazing SnS you are sending us. None of us could have made this happen if we’d tried.”

I can hear him say: “I am right here with you all; I won’t miss my own party!”

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  1. Bevis Lee
    August 18, 2018

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. You make us believe that Leo is delivering message to you and all of us. We never met him but we knew that he must be a talented and independent person. God has assigned him a new duty. He is somewhere exploring his abilities and responsibilities. We wish Leo and your family all the best under God’s best arrangements.

  2. Yin Yip
    August 19, 2018

    I was there witnessing what happened. It is amazing that you can pick out the synchronicity!.

  3. Bevis Lee
    August 21, 2018

    Leo inspires me. I will post up my thoughts soon. Thank you!

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