My husband and I receive many number sequences that we know are signs from Leo. One of them is ‘303,’ which is special and significant.

It was May last year and I was on my way to work. Within a few minutes of driving down a familiar street, I noticed something interesting. The car in front of me was a white Audi SUV, and next to it, in the right lane, was another white Audi SUV. They even had the same licence plate numbers! As if something/someone was trying to get my attention, they crossed lanes and clearly they both had ‘303’ on their plates. Then I had to make a left turn at the intersection and they both disappeared.

I knew that was unusual.  A few days later, I looked up ‘303’ and found that it’s a text code for ‘MOM’!  I thanked Leo right away.

Two weeks later, I had to go to a school meeting in a rather rural area. I went there a day ahead with someone who had a much better sense of direction, to ensure that I didn’t get lost. After the meeting, I was driving and thinking about the case I was working on. It started to rain. I found myself going deeper and deeper into the countryside, then I realized I was going in the opposite direction to what I was supposed to! I made a U-turn to get back on track.  A few minutes later, I was at a fork in the road. The car in front of me blinked its right turn light. That got my attention and I read its licence plate – ‘MC  MOM’! I read it a few times. “That’s for me.” ‘MC’ are my initials. “I got it, Leo!”

I wouldn’t have seen this special licence plate if I hadn’t made a wrong turn. It was the right turn for me to see the “Hello, MOM!” from Leo. It was all meant to be. I couldn’t have made this up. “WOW, that’s amazing, Son!”

Since then, ‘303’ has been showing up everywhere. I have many pictures of 303 licence plates and 3:03 as the time on my digital devices.

I am most grateful to hear from my loving son every day. As recent as yesterday, I was still receiving Hello Moms from Leo. We were on our way to a friend’s house. Within the first 5 minutes, 303 showed up on a car licence plate in front of us.

And then, another licence plate that said “AMA.” Leo used to call me that for mom once in a while.

More 303……

If you have read my other SnS blog posts, you already know about the hotel with the ‘810’ address. We were there last Remembrance Day.  Our hotel room was ‘303.’  We didn’t ask for it; it was assigned. We knew that Leo was showing us he’s with us.

The first Thanksgiving after leaving for University, Leo had brought home gifts for his dad and me. Dad’s was a shirt with ‘The Best Dad’ on it.  Mine was a beautiful green mug with ‘MOM’ on it.

A little while ago, my husband was waiting for me at a store, and right in front of him he saw a shocking pink planner with the word ‘MOM’ on it. He bought it for me knowing it was another “Hello Mom!” from our son.

I have been going to a Yoga studio for class since retiring. I love that place, and it took me a while to realize that every time I am there, I see ‘303.’ That is their suite number! No wonder I feel Leo with me at yoga!

Another stunning one!  We have been living in the same place for the last 20 some years.  Our number is ‘303’. This is where Leo grew up. This had to be pre-arranged!

Thank you!  We love you,Leo!

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