The Young Black Bear

It was another beautiful day in our area. The haze from the wildfires had cleared.  The sky was blue again. We decided to visit Belcarra, a regional park by the sea.

It is a scenic drive that we always enjoy. The road is well paved with natural vegetation on both sides. The tall trees have probably been growing there for hundreds of years. I am always in awe of their magnificence and the sense of mystery they inspire. We were chatting as the car gently swayed left and right along the narrow road with many bends.

Suddenly, I heard my husband say softy, “A bear!”

There it was, a very healthy young bear crossing the road in front of us, 30-40 feet away. His black furry coat was shining in the sun. I was so focused on looking at this cuddly-looking creature I did not realize my husband had stopped the car, so as not to alarm him. But he was not scared at all. It felt like it was only a split second before he jumped up onto the concrete blocks on the other side of the road.

He seemed to be very relaxed. Instead of disappearing into the underbrush, he took his time walking on those blocks as if saying, “I’m here for you!” That’s when I was able to snap the pictures shown here. One shows his back:

and the other shows him turning and leaping into the bushes.

We both knew this was significant. We city folks don’t often get to see black bears in the wild. The last time we saw a black bear with her cubs was on the same road, well over 10 years ago. They were crossing the road. Leo was then a young boy with us in the car. This was so much more than a coincidence. Perfect timing and the perfect place. We are grateful that Leo is still with us, only in a different way!

Leo never ceases to amaze us at what he is able to do. When we arrived at our destination, I shared with my husband how I had asked our son earlier that morning to give me a response to a question I had. I do recognize the signs when he confirms with us his presence. I’d asked for a sign, but did not want to dictate what it would be. The words ‘something in Nature’ did flash through my mind, though.

Visiting this scenic and tranquil area always brings back memories of us spending time there as a family with Leo. This used to be our favourite spot for relaxing on a warm summer’s day. We would be enjoying the fresh cool sea breeze, watching the waves below and the clouds above. We loved and still love BE-ING with each other. My heart aches as I am writing.

Son, you are so very missed, but we know you are with us!  Thank you and we love you!

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  1. Yin chi Yip
    September 4, 2018

    Amazing and beautiful!

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