Harvest Moon Magic

Autumn has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. We decided to go away to Vancouver Island in late September and randomly chose a few days. When making the arrangements, I was told that the hotel was already fully booked for one of those days. They suggested we start our trip the following Monday and we proceeded accordingly. We realized much later that Monday would be the Harvest Full Moon. It is also called the mid-Autumn Festival, which is equivalent to Thanksgiving here. It was a time for celebration in the old days and is still regarded as one of the most important times of the Lunar Year. Families would get together for a reunion and enjoy the moon at its fullest and most beautiful. This tradition is still widely observed by Chinese families across the world.

My husband and I were happy about this lucky ‘coincidence.’ The days of the trip were not of our deliberate choosing. We knew we were going to have fun!

As we drove to the Ferry Terminal, we marvelled at how the weather had changed. It was all sunny and blue sky after the previous 2 weeks of rain. The most comfortable weather for a trip!

This was a little different from our past ferry trips as we were going to a different part of the Island for the first time. A few hundred cars were waiting for their turn to get onto the huge ferry. We drove up the ramp as directed and both of us clearly saw the license plate of one of the cars waiting on our left side. We are quite used to seeing the triple number sequences that Leo sends us and we know they are codes for his presence. ‘888’ is special. On each family trip we’ve taken, this set of numbers has always shown up at least once. I will be writing an SnS blog post on ‘888’ to honour that soon. We were thrilled to have Leo confirming that he was with us right at the start of the trip!

The amazing thing was I got to see that black truck again before disembarking the ferry and I took a picture as shown here. A few hundred cars were parked on different levels of the ferry. The probability of seeing that truck with the same number again near us was not high. Thank you, Son!

As soon as we walked into our hotel room, we both saw the big wall hanging with a photograph of a bald eagle hanging above the bed.  My heart beat a little faster.  My last blog post was named ‘The Bald Eagles.’ The bald eagle and all the lush green pine trees forming a picture-perfect view across from the balcony. We knew Leo was right there with us on arrival. The wall hangings in the hotel rooms were all different, yet we were assigned to this room with the bald eagle. Just incredible!

At dinner time, a hummingbird came to visit. It came to the window by our table to do its figure of 8 dance. There were lots of trees in the area but not a flower in sight. My husband saw the bird twice but I missed it because I was caught up in a conversation. I was confident I would see it again. It was a gorgeous full moon that night.

We were sure our son was enjoying our family dinner with us. It was our family reunion the night of the mid-Autumn Full Moon.

The next morning, we drove to a nearby coastal town where many of Leo’s UVic friends had come from. They’d all become close friends that first year of university when they were living in the same residence. We took the time to walk around the quaint small town by the sea. It was beautiful, peaceful, and the people were friendly. We had conversations with people on the street and in the shops. Interestingly, we were all speaking the same language, of Spirituality and the Afterlife.  When we told them our son had transitioned, some even referred us to local mediums. That had never happened before. Perhaps not so random after all!

We appreciated another gorgeous full moon again that night. It was golden as it was rising on the horizon.

On the third day, we were driving to a local attraction a short distance away. It took us a lot longer as we took the ‘wrong’ exit on the highway. As we were approaching our destination, I heard my husband saying, “the hummingbird is leading us.”  In front of us was a van and on its back was the image of a hummingbird. I didn’t miss it this time.

We actually got to see the hummingbird again on our way home the next day.  We were waiting for our ferry and decided to go and check out the terminal. We stopped by the only vendor’s stall and I saw a book called ‘Birds from South Western British Columbia.’ I took it out from the book rack and randomly opened it to a page. It was on hummingbirds!

First time this has ever happened, and I am certain it’s not random at all. We love our feathered friends and especially the magical hummingbirds that we have been seeing around our home. They have the emerald green back and the ruby red chest.

The night before we left the Island, we returned to the same restaurant where the hummingbird had come to visit. We were at the same table and again had an enjoyable dinner. I heard the server mentioning that the couple at the next table was celebrating their wedding anniversary. I was nudged to turn around and say “Congratulations!”  Before I knew it, I was sharing with them about Leo and they told us they also have a son in Spirit. Both our young sons exited this earth plane suddenly and unexpectedly on the Island. For them and for us, it was almost 7 years ago.

The next thing we knew, we were all seated at their table sharing about our sons and the SnS we’ve been receiving from them. The bond was instant as we all had the experience that only bereaved parents could comprehend. We felt that our sons had brought us together and we were happy that they did. It was the first time we have ever met another couple who’d ‘lost’ a child and also firmly believe that our boys are still right here with us. Their son departed this human plane on 11/11/11.

We all shared how we must carry on living well in order to honour them!

This was an astounding trip, rich with stunning signs and synchronicities. Our hearts overflow with gratitude, feeling Leo’s love for us. He would do everything to comfort us and reassure us of his continuing presence in our lives. We feel his joy and fun-loving spirit. “Enjoy life, Mom and Dad.  I love you!”  We hear him in our hearts and our souls.

One more SnS!

Just as he’d shown us that he was with us at the start of the trip, Leo reminded us that he was still with us travelling home. Driving on the highway, we saw a car speed by on our left side. On its back was a licence plate with ‘888.’ It never fails!

You are amazing, Leo❣️ We love you and all the SnS you manifested on this trip with the Harvest Moon Magic.

Thank you, Son!


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  1. October 5, 2018

    This is amazing, Mabel. What an incredible story of love from Leo. This magic will never get old. Thank you.

  2. Roxane
    October 6, 2018

    This is lovely to read! I’m glad Leo have shared the mid-aumtumn festival with you and uncle CK! On the other hand, my family phoned and wished me a “Happy Mid-autumn festival” . I still need to learn how to celebrate this festival in my newly married life and surroundings…

  3. Yin Yip
    October 8, 2018

    It is comforting to know that Leo is always with both of you, CK and Mabel. Amazing!

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