The Infinite Bond

For the longest time, my husband and I have been seeing 8s. Especially ‘888’!  This is in addition to 88, 008,800, 808 and 88888. We have been seeing the triple 8 wherever we go, whether it’s on a trip, going for a walk, shopping, or parking at a restaurant. We are still family with our son and I often invite Leo to go places and do things with us. The magical 888 is a special code, among others, that he uses to confirm with us his presence.

In my last blog, ‘Harvest Moon Magic,’ you would have read how my son showed us ‘888,’ both at the start of the trip and also on the way home, letting us know he was right there with us.

In August, when we were on the ferry returning home after his birthday celebration, we saw a vehicle with the license plate number 888 parked right in our path when we got out of the car.

In July, we went on a trip for our wedding anniversary. After we arrived at the terminal, we got out of the car while waiting for the ferry. Right there, we saw 2 identical cars with ‘8888’ license plates parked side by side! Two and a half hours later, we were on the road again. Almost immediately, we saw a car in front of us with an 888 license plate number. Within 10 minutes, another car with 888 was visible in front of us! My phone wasn’t available then, but it was something we can’t easily forget. Our friends travelling with us couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It can’t be a coincidence, one after another like that. I was smiling and thanking Leo for the amazing validation. I knew he was saying: “I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Of course I am here with you and Dad.” For the full story, see the blog ‘The Bald Eagles.’

We often see ‘888’ with other significant numbers like ‘303’ on the same day, one after another. One time, I was taking a picture of a car with 888 and the time was exactly 303 on my iPhone! For the significance of 303, see previous blog on ‘303.’ Incredible!

As recent as yesterday, just before we had to make a left turn to drive up a ramp, we saw a car with the number 888 parked on the side of the street.

That was exactly 10 minutes after I saw 303 on our car’s digital clock!  It’s like Leo saying to us, “Hello!  Mom, I’m here with you and Dad.”

This happened 2 days in a row.  The day before yesterday, we also saw the 8s and 303 in the same afternoon. This time, it was a car with the license plate number having five 8s, ‘88888.’

I remember this car well with all those 8s and it was from another province.  I took a photo of it before and confirmed it when I compared the pictures. It was only 8 days ago that we saw this same car with the 88888 and from out of province. I didn’t think I would see it again, but I did. Amazing! Thank you, Son!

I have started jotting down notes since these magical number sequences started appearing so frequently. A quick count shows that we have seen 888 and 303 on the same day 11 times within the last 8 weeks!

Just in the month of August alone, 888 showed up over 10 times, on car license plates, telephone numbers on cars, or even as street numbers.

One of the regular trips we have always made as a family is when we visit our hairstylist once a month. We’ve known her for 20 years and she has become a good friend who was, and still is, very fond of Leo. We see 8s every time we go, either on our way there or on the way home. For our last visit in September, we saw 2 cars parked side by side in the parking lot with the numbers 008 and 800.  I thought those were my signs for that day.

As usual, we enjoyed our conversation with her and it is natural for us to share our SnS from Leo. We always feel the love and joy, and Leo’s presence with us. When my hair was done, I felt like taking a short walk, which I don’t usually do. I took a quick walk down the street and I felt nudged to return within 10 minutes.  Just as I was nearing the hair salon, I saw the back of a car with the number 888 in front of me!

I would have missed it if I didn’t take that quick walk. It’s like it was all organized!

On that same day, we picked up 2 orchid plants on the way home. One of them had 2 branches forming an arc on the top. We thought that was very nice. When we got home and placed it on the counter top, we were thrilled to see this image.

It is a figure of 8!  We love the 8s.  Thank you, Son. We love you!

I ask Leo to come with us whenever we visit our friend JJ and his family. Leo always gives us signs that he’s with us. We’ve gotten ‘JJ 88′ in the past, but it got even better. In late September, we went there for dinner to celebrate the mid-Autumn festival. Just before we made a left turn into his neighbourhood, this car with the plate ‘888 WJJ’ appeared in front of us on our right side.  I was able to snap this picture as the red light came on. We could have missed it if the car was at our side or behind us. What is so interesting is that WJJ are the initials of our friend’s full name! And I have always joked with him to get these initials for his license plate. We were all so happy and thanked Leo for this special gift.

Why are the 8s and 888 so special for us? Whenever these number sequences appear, we are certain that Leo is with us. Eight is Leo’s favourite number. He has told me so. It is also the number of his birth month, August. The number 8 is the Infinity Sign when seen sideways.  I can’t remember everything Leo said during his time with us, but there are some things I will never forget. As a young child, he said, “Mom, do you know that our mother and son bond will never be broken?” These are his words verbatim. He said this more than once, and every single time I was dumbfounded. I remember feeling astonished and wondering “what can a child his age know about a bond?”

The Ultimate Truth………

Those words from Leo the young child are forever etched into my consciousness!  Through the number 8, my loving son is manifesting to me over and over that our Infinite Bond will never be broken. It is evidence that we are Eternal Beings and our love for each other will never cease! The continuous Signs and Synchronicities are magical beyond logic and beyond the human mind. Leo’s words were beyond my comprehension at that time, but things have changed. I have changed! Now I fully understand his messages. In fact, I often find myself sharing with those around me about this Ultimate Truth. The truth that death is an illusion just like life is. We are Always connected with our loved ones. I am grateful for having Leo’s steadfast, unwavering LOVE with us ❣️❣️❣️

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  1. Lorraine
    October 18, 2018

    Dear Mabel and CK, I am sorry I missed you in August. I often think of Dear Leo . I am happy that you have such a strong connection and such purpose. Thank You for sharing it with all of us who were touched by Leo.

    • Mabel
      April 26, 2019

      Hi Lorraine,

      It’s been a long time since we have heard from you. I wonder if you ever get my emails. Let us know. Wishing you all the best.

  2. Rachel Hesketh
    October 19, 2018

    Thank you for sharing Mabel! The orchids in the shape of an 8 is particularly beautiful. I’m so glad that you feel this connection and beauty in your day to day life <3

  3. Yin Chi Yip
    October 21, 2018

    Beautiful SnS. Amazing and touching!

  4. Yin Chi Yip
    October 21, 2018

    Beautiful SnS. Amazing and touching!

  5. Paul Lee
    November 19, 2018

    So very nice to hear from you again, Mabel. Sorry that I have been away for about a month during which I had limited access to my e-mails. At any rat, I returned home on Friday and am able to read your blog in detail. Yes, death gives birth to another life. Glad to see the strong bond between you and Leo. You have all my blessings. All the best to you and CK.

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