The Bracelets

I always look forward to our friend Hannah’s visit in the summer. She comes to Canada once a year to see her adult children. On the way, she stops over to see us in Vancouver. We became friends after my son’s transition. She reached out to me and showed me kindness when my world had crumbled at the sudden and unexpected departure of my son and only child. During our last meeting, she gave me a jade bracelet as a gift. I accepted it with gratitude as I know the significance and meaning of jade. It came with all her best wishes. I am most grateful for having a friend who cares as much as she does!

Her bracelet took me back to a time when Leo was a young child in Grade One.

One day after school, he showed me something he had made in class. He told me it was a gift for me. It was a bracelet made with big beads strung together on an elastic cord. It fit me perfectly. I thought it was beautiful and told him that I loved it. Then I put it away and forgot about it over the years. This special bracelet resurfaced not too long after Leo’s transition. It is now placed in a prominent spot where it is visible and can be found easily. It is my most treasured piece of artwork, a handmade piece of jewellery from my precious son!  (Middle bracelet below)

Leo’s handmade bracelet reminds me of an event that happened three summers ago. My husband and I were at a rock and gem show. We went our separate ways at the venue to check out the displays. I was surprised when he came looking for me. He wanted me to try on a bracelet that he had just bought for me. He had never seen me wearing a bracelet in all the years we’d been married, yet he felt called to get this one. It was made of amethyst pieces strung together on elastic cords just like the one Leo had given me. It fit well around my wrist.

Two days later, I was sitting in my room, feeling relaxed, and contemplating the new bracelet. I appreciated the amethyst stones, but knew I wouldn’t be wearing it. All of a sudden, I started counting. There were 23 pieces of amethyst in the bracelet. I jumped for joy! It was no coincidence my husband would have bought that bracelet for me out of all the items in the show.

It was Leo’s 23rd birthday two days before we went to the rock show. It was the 4th birthday celebration without his physical presence. We had just returned from Victoria where we’d had a ceremony and celebration to honour him. It was, and is, still difficult with all the emotions, missing my only child who was 19 when he crossed over. I realized then that my son was showing me that he has been with us all along. He knew about the birthday celebration and he knew how much he is missed. He was using every means to comfort me and his dad.

I remember thinking to myself: “That’s brilliant, Leo! What an innovative way to show us your love and your eternal presence with us!”  When I asked my husband if he was aware of the number of pieces in the bracelet, his response was he wasn’t and he had never thought about it.  He only knew that I have a penchant for that special stone from Mother Earth! Thank you, Son! Your dad got your nudge!

Over the last few years, I have acquired quite a collection of bracelets. Leo is still sending them to me in the most unusual ways. I have picked up a few that look like they were made by kids. The braided colourful one was actually seen by our dear friend Zia who was with us after a ceremony honouring Leo. It was sitting on the narrow metal bar of a drainage hole. It could have easily fallen inside, but hadn’t! Zia told me it was for me from Leo.

I saw the one with the multi-coloured beads on the ground when I was taking a walk near our home. I don’t usually even take that route.

And there is the tiny one that only just fits around my wrist. Interestingly, it has two letter ‘Ls’ in it. L stands for Leo! It was right on my path after I’d finished work and was walking to my car. I knew I had to pick it up. It was a gift from Leo, showing me that he is with me wherever I am. I felt so blessed!

There is the one with the red agate beads and the one that is made of white jade beads. They are also from friends I have met since Leo’s transition. I have never told anyone that I like bracelets. They’ve never been part of my wardrobe.  But these are all so beautiful and I cherish them, and the friendships that go with them!  I realize that I have also been buying and giving bracelets to friends as gifts as well.  Isn’t that interesting!

These bracelets are beautiful and tangible gifts for me and they are filled with blessings and best wishes. Leo continues to shower me with gifts and I know the bracelets are the manifestation of his love and presence. I am fully aware that Leo has connected me and his dad with new friends of all ages and backgrounds. A lot of them are young people. These signs and synchronicities I am writing about are the most precious gifts from Spirit and my precious child. This journey that we are on is a challenging one, to say the least. It is also a transformative journey and we can view it as a gift too. It is with the Love of Leo and the support of all the wonderful people I have met in person and online that I can jump the hurdles and keep going forward!

Just as I was pondering the meaning of the circle and the round shape which is Leo’s favourite, this following paragraph came to me.  I feel that it resonates with what I have shared in my last blog post, ‘The Infinite Bond.’ I was sharing about the 8s I have been receiving.  The 8 is a symbol of Infinity and made of two circles.


“The Circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, God.”

“God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is no where.” – Hermes Trismegistus

Leo continues to inspire us everyday! Thank you Son,we love you ❣️❣️❣️

May everyone who is reading this be inspired!

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  1. Yin Chi Yip
    November 10, 2018

    Beautiful writing and bracelets. Fond memory of Leo!

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