The date is coming up very soon. It will be seven years on January 18th since our son transitioned. Nothing could have prepared us for the sudden and unexpected exit of our only child from this human world when he was only 19 years old. It is still too surreal for the human brain to fathom. Leo had everything to live for. He was vibrant, beautiful, and brilliant. He loved life and he loved everyone. He aspired to make positive changes in the world and he was well on his way to accomplish his goals. But his physical life was cut short by bacterial meningitis when he was away at university. By the time we saw our son, he was in a coma, and, within a short time, we had to make the most heartbreaking decision to let him go. It was, and still is, too surreal.

Right from the start, almost as soon as my son had left his body, I knew that he was not gone. Nothing could have prepared us for what was to come. I was comforted and thrilled to start getting signs from Leo. I was initially doubtful of what I was able to hear, feel, and know. However, these signs and communications have been persistent and consistent over the last seven years. They are always messages of Love, Joy, and Hope for me and his father. His close friends have also been receiving them and they have been most comforted to know that their buddy did not vanish into thin air.

My son has repeatedly reassured me that he did not ‘die.’ Our relationship did not end on January 18th, 2012. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience in this world. When he left his physical body, Leo returned to the Spirit realm and he has become Pure Spirit and Light.  I am now having a different relationship with my son. I am so very grateful that he gave me the heads up when he said as a young child, “Mom, do you know that our mother and son bond will never be broken?” I didn’t have a clue about what he said at the time. (See The Infinite Bond.) I am so very grateful that he had chosen me as his mother. In spite of the sorrow and suffering of having him leave before us, I would never trade my experience of being Leo’s mom for anything in the world. I am grateful for the infinite Love we have for each other and for the journey of awakening we have embarked on.

Leo is as busy as he has always been, perhaps even busier. He is now completely free without the limitations of a human body. He is still as passionate about his commitment to alleviate suffering for all beings. We have witnessed the manifestation of a series of miracles over the last few years. At the end of April 2016, the British Columbia Legislature of Canada adopted the ‘quadrivalent vaccine’ as part of the standard inoculation procedure for all school age students in Grade 9. This would save a lot of lives, and young lives too. Leo was born and raised in Canada. He asked and was never told about the vaccine that would have saved his life. That policy change was never expected to happen so soon and it was considered to be too challenging in the political system here. Nothing is impossible when it is a miracle!

In the summer of 2016, the British Columbia Center for Disease Control contacted us and we collaborated in producing a YouTube video aimed to raise awareness about the fatal meningococcal disease and the vaccines that are available to protect our young people. In the spring of 2018, Leo’s picture and article appeared in MacLeans magazine, the prestigious national magazine in Canada. It is equivalent to the Times magazine in the U.S.A.  Leo’s story had caught the attention of the magazine’s publisher. How these things have come about is the stuff of miracles.  They have helped in raising awareness nationwide. More lives will be saved and other families will be spared of the unspeakable pain that we have experienced.  We know full well that Leo is working with us and his mission of Unconditional Love and Compassion transcends time and space, or any kind of limitation. My gratitude overflows!

By the end of 2017, I was suddenly inspired to create a website. I did not and still do not have the tech savvy. I hesitated but I thought it would serve to honour my son and raise awareness about what took his precious life. I mustered up all my courage when I decided to go for it, and I asked Leo for help. I am grateful for the divine guidance and the support of the earth angels who showed up to assist me with this process. The website was launched on January 1st, 2018 and now receives thousands of visits monthly.

Since the launch of the site, the most amazing signs and communications from our son have been occurring. They are comforting and they reassure us that only the physical body dies. Our son is very much alive and well, existing in a much higher dimension. Last summer, I started to realize that his profound messages were to be shared. They are for any one who is grieving the ‘loss’ of a precious child or a loved one. They are inspiring and healing. Knowing that our child is always with us and our love always connects us with one another has helped me shift to a new paradigm of thinking. I asked ego to take a back seat and started to write about my experiences with my son, and then sharing them as blog posts on Leo’s website as “Signs and Synchronicities” or “SnS” for short.

My brilliant son has always been a fast learner and a hard worker.  He had completed his mission in this human world. Nothing will stop him from moving forward with his passion for being in service to Humanity. It is all about Love and Compassion. I heard myself saying these words almost seven years ago and I will say it again here. “It’s not over!” More to come…

My husband and I will be celebrating the rebirth day of our beloved child on January 18th as we always do each year. We will celebrate his life and legacy of Love and Compassion for the rest of our lives. We are grateful to have had Leo for the 19 years that we shared. We remember him with love, joy, and gratitude. He was and continues to be the most loving and respectful son who gives us so much Pride and Joy. We love you, Son, and we look forward to being with you again soon! We can never thank you enough for your love and for what you have taught us❣️

One SnS to share.

I have my moments and days when I find it almost unbearable missing my son. It was around this time of the year in January 2018. It was on the date that had been Leo’s hardest day on this earth, when he’d had to endure the most excruciating pain, a day I’d only learned of after the fact. I could not get myself out of bed on that dark and cloudy day. It was about 4 pm, and suddenly we saw golden light in the sky when it should have been dark. With my husband’s encouragement, I pulled myself up and we went for a walk around the lake. When we got to Leo’s tree, we were astonished to see what was up in the sky. We were mesmerized by the beauty in front of our eyes. The magnificent colours and their hues! The mysterious-looking cloud formations!

I stood there for a long time, just gazing and breathing. I felt myself in the presence of the Divine. There was so much Love. I knew Leo was with us and saying: “Mom, I am always with you and Dad. Enjoy the beauty around you. All is well.”



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  1. Yin Chi Yip
    January 27, 2019

    Always enjoy your writing and experience your and CK’s eternal connection with Leo!

  2. Mabel
    February 28, 2019

    Thank you, Yin Chi! Blessings!

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