Fun and Joy

I can hardly believe this. The title of this article is Fun and Joy. My only child transitioned 7 years ago when he was only 19. Talking or writing about Fun and Joy would have been impossible even a couple of years ago. I thought that I would never be able to have fun or feel joy ever again, after the most unimaginable and heartbreaking had happened. Over and over again, my precious child has shown me that he wants me and his dad to carry on, not just with love but with great joy.

My husband and I went to Victoria to celebrate our son’s Rebirth Day on January 18th, 2019. As usual, we received a lot of signs and synchronicities before, during, and after the trip. Among them this time was the appearance of birds and animals like the bald eagle, hummingbirds, a male deer with big antlers, and squirrels. All the usual repeating numbers also showed up, letting us know Leo was with us all the way.

For all of these years, we’ve always had a ceremony to remember and honour our son on this special day when he was reborn into the Spirit realm. Although it was forecasted, there was no hint of rain. The garden was calm with only a light breeze blowing now and then. It was beautiful and vibrant with life. We and our dear friends who were with us could see leaf and flower buds ready to open, even though most of the trees still looked bare.

Once the ceremony had started, we all noticed the sun coming through the clouds. We were surrounded by golden light – gentle, yet powerful beyond words. We were in the presence of the Divine and we all felt the loving energy of Leo. He held us all in his embrace as we talked about him and to him.

We blew bubbles as we’ve done many times before. We’ve always enjoyed their shimmering beauty. On this day they were everywhere, high above the trees, on the branches, the leaves, and all over the ground. As we stood, admiring them, we noticed something different this time. Not only were the bubbles slow to dissolve, but their shapes and colours were changing!

Thanks to our dear and talented friend Zia, we have these magical moments captured in pictures.

We could see the inside of the bubbles swirling and moving with rainbow colours.  We were all transfixed by this unexpected phenomenon. We were having a lot of fun and just wanted to stay and keep playing. Later, when I reviewed the short videos we’d taken, I was amazed at how we were all like playful young children. There was so much wonderment and laughter, with intermittent oohs and wows. It was pure joy to watch. I couldn’t have believed it, if not for the recording – I was ecstatic with excitement and laughter. I was having so much fun!  Leo was showing me what he meant when I heard him say, “Mom, have fun and enjoy life with Dad!”

It was magical!

All of these adults had become kids again. For quite a while, we were totally immersed in the play and fully present in the moment. Leo’s loving presence and positive energy was palpable. He was right there with us, having fun. Laughter was the predominant sound, the sound of joy!

My husband directed our attention to the squirrels nearby. This is the first time we’d ever seen young squirrels playing in this manner. There were so many of them – we counted at least eight! They looked very healthy with their bushy tails. They were chasing each other, running up and down trees, having the time of their lives. After all the climbing, they returned to the ground and continued playing close by. None of us had ever seen anything like it. It made us all laugh as it was so entertaining. Once again, we were all feeling the joy in our hearts.

It made so much sense! This was just like our son, Leo. He was dedicated to his academic pursuits and everything else that he was involved with. He was a hard-working, very busy person. Yet, play was always important to him. Having fun was such a big part of his life. All the while, his joy radiated out from within. People who knew him will never forget his genuine, generous smile. His laughter often rings in my mind.

Leo was giving us so much more than his presence through all of the SnS. The bubbles with their dynamic shapes and colours, the young squirrels playing like children, were all so tangible and vivid. We couldn’t have missed them! My precious child was showing us how we could all have fun and joy, playing like kids without the inhibitions or cares of the world.

It is invigorating to laugh. It is rejuvenating to have fun and feel joy. It makes us feel healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel so much more connected with everything and with everyone when I am in a state of joy. Joy that includes peace, contentment, and hope!

Messages that I have heard for myself and all grieving parents:

“I know how much you love me and miss me. You can grieve but you don’t have to suffer.”

“I am always with you.”

“Have fun and enjoy life again. Laughter is the best medicine.”

More SnS…..

On the trip back home, we saw a rainbow across the sky while we were waiting for the ferry at the terminal. I was able to snap a few pictures before it disappeared behind the clouds. We knew this was Leo letting us know he was with us and going home with us. We were – and are – so grateful!

I was thanking Leo for all the precious signs and messages he had given us throughout the three days and even before our trip. On arriving home, I went to check on the blossoming orchids. We have had them for a long time and we were thrilled when the flowers opened just a few days before Leo’s Rebirth Day. No coincidence!

I was standing close to the flat screen TV and all of a sudden, I saw it light up. It was showing the screen of the Kids’ Music channel with a name that looked German to me. There was, however, no music. Then it went off again, all by itself. I was the only person in the room and I knew the remote control was somewhere behind me. Without a doubt, I knew Leo was right there saying, “Mom, I am home with you and Dad. Thank you for everything you have done. I love you!” I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

I shared the experience with my husband. The following evening, I asked him to show me what it was like when he turned on the TV and tuned into the music channel. I had never done it before. He did accordingly. The music came on almost instantly, but the screen looked different. It was not on the Kids’ Music channel.  Before my husband said anything, I realized the music playing was the same piece that Leo had loved to play on the piano when he was at home. We were so very touched. Our loving son was showing us once again he was home with us.

“Mom and Dad, that was me last night showing you that I am with you.”

“I love you both and I love our home. Thank you!”

We love you, Son❣️ We are proud of you! ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Chris Ridout
    January 30, 2019


  2. Jean Randall
    January 30, 2019

    Very beautiful experience from your son Leo. Thank you for sharing. I also believe that joy and laughter are the keys to our children. They are always with us. Blessings.

    • mabel
      February 1, 2019

      Thank you, Jean, for your comments. It’s my pleasure to share the inspired messages from my son Leo. You are absolutely correct. Our children are always with us! Joy to you! 💝

  3. Yin Chi Yip
    February 24, 2019

    Beautiful writing as usual! Glad to learn that both CK and you are handling Leo’s transition so well and your life are full of fun and joy.

  4. Mabel
    February 28, 2019

    This has been a transformative journey. We know that our son is with us every step of the way. Death is an illusion just as life is! Wishing you well!

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