The Magic of Sedona – Part I

I had felt the call of Sedona for several years before I knew anything about the place. About six months ago, I started planning a trip with friends; we even bought plane tickets and booked a hotel. Things didn’t work out the way we wanted, so we thought we would go on a road trip instead. When that fell apart too, I knew it was not meant to be. It seemed like there was a force guiding me to make changes to the time of travel, the mode of traveling, the accommodations, and the people we visited. Finally, at the beginning of April, my husband CK and I embarked on our journey, fully aware that it would be magical.

Indeed, it was, and the signs and synchronicities (SnS) were off the charts!

We always go on trips with our only child, Leo, who transitioned suddenly at age 19. As usual, he showed us early on that he would accompany us to Arizona, specifically Sedona. As soon as we started driving to the airport, the time on the car’s digital clock showed ‘810,’ a clear sign that he was already with us. We would see ’810’ every day on our trip. One morning in Sedona, I even woke up to find a Facebook video of ‘810’ on my iPhone. The significance of ‘810’ is detailed in the blog posts entitled ‘810’ and ‘Aurora Borealis.

Before we got to the airport, I saw a huge sign by the road that read ‘8888.’ As we were walking to the boarding gate, we saw ‘88’ on a big sign for the gate number The significance of 888 is documented in my previous blogs, especially in “The Infinite Bond.” When we arrived in Phoenix, we had to go to the car rental centre to pick up our car. The moment we stepped out of the airport, we saw two yellow cabs that had the numbers 480-888-8888 on them. These repeating numbers and other significant ones kept appearing throughout our trip. For us, it’s always confirmation that Leo is with us.

Our mobile GPS froze within 15 minutes of driving in Phoenix. It was nerve-racking for me as I have no sense of direction and I was supposed to be the navigator. We finally managed to get out of the city and onto the Interstate. Almost two hours later, we were so excited that we were about to arrive in Sedona. I asked CK to make a left turn and from then on, we didn’t know where we were going. We knew it wasn’t the right direction, but couldn’t figure out how to get back on track. We were both tired and tense. I asked Leo for help.

We saw a truck parked on the roadside in front of a stop sign. I asked CK to pull over so I could ask for directions. I saw a man walking towards me and assumed it was his truck as we were in the middle of nowhere without any other car in sight. I told him about our predicament. He responded that we’d missed our destination and explained how to get back. I only then realized that, had this man not stopped to apparently answer the call of nature, we would have ended up in another town. Leo’s sense of humour was evident. We knew he was trying to make us laugh by sending this earth angel who had a very human function to perform!

It was dark by the time we got to the restaurant to meet Valerie, our lovely soul sister, in person for the first time. We enjoyed the meal and our time together. We really appreciated her coming out to meet us. We’d only found out at the last minute that we would be able to meet up in Sedona. The timing was perfect. We’d always said that Leo would arrange our first get together. We felt his loving and joyful presence, and he went further to prove that with the picture we had taken at the restaurant. See the halos of light on our heads! Leo loves to have fun.

We are called ‘Shining Light Parents’ at Helping Parents Heal (HPH) because our children are all Shining Lights! Every person that we met on this trip was put on our path for a reason. Leslie and Jean-Marc, members of HPH, and affiliate leaders in Sedona, were the first beautiful Shining Light Parents we met in person. They are the most thoughtful earth angels who made our stay in Sedona enjoyable and memorable.

We felt so deeply connected with each other, it was more of a reunion than a first meeting. It had been their precious son Andre’s second Rebirth Day not too long before our arrival. We could hardly stop talking once we started to share about our sons and the amazing SnS they’ve been sending us. We were aware that our sons are together and had arranged for us to meet in this spiritual haven. Leo and Andre were thrilled that we were all finally together!

Our boys showed us their presence throughout our time in Sedona. During our first conversation, we were sharing how rainbows are one of our mutual signs, while looking at a picture of a double rainbow with the most vivid colours. Someone in the room overheard our conversation and alerted us to the rainbow song that was playing on the radio. No coincidence!

Bell Rock was the first of many vortexes that we visited. On the way there, a car in front of us had the license plate with four 8’s.

It was great weather for hiking. It was sunny with a blue sky and a light breeze as we hiked up to a flat area. There was a stream of butterflies and moths flying around us. CK and I had our aha moment. Leo had told us before our trip that he would be sending us moths and to “follow the moths.” We saw the butterflies and moths again at Cathedral Rock. The spectacular views of the red rocks and the incredible energies were most uplifting for us.

It was a gift that our hotel room faced Bell Rock and we could see ‘Buddha sitting in a lotus position’ every morning when we got up. Even more interesting was that Leslie and Jean-Marc have exactly the same view from their Sedona home. Our rooms were in the same alignment. That is synchronistic! They had their aha moment when I told them they have the best vantage point for viewing Buddha from the comfort of their living room.

After Bell Rock, the four of us went to the Amitabha Stupa where there is a Memorial Brick for Andre. It is a fairly easy walk up the path with earth that looks like the finest red chalk dust. Along the way were many prayer flags. It was evident that this place is well maintained and a sacred site for meditation. A big statue of Amitabha Buddha sits serenely in the centre. Across from it is a pavilion with chairs to sit on. We offered our prayers with reverence, sending our love and light to our children and all sentient beings. Leslie felt her beloved son’s presence there.

Whether it’s Bell Rock, the Amitabha Stupa, Cathedral Rock or other vortexes in the Sedona area, they all have breathtaking scenery and are full of spiritual energies. They are surrounded and protected by Spirits. The images of Buddha, Guan Yin, Native American guardians, and many others are quite visible to our human eyes. The loving and healing energies of Mother Earth and Benevolent Spirits are for all who are open to receiving them.

On the way to Cave Creek, the ‘303’s appeared a few times on the highway. Leo was telling us that he was with us to visit the Boissons. The significance of ‘303’ is explained in the blog post entitled ‘303.’ We were delighted to meet with Elizabeth and Cyril. They are a gracious and generous couple whose beloved son Morgan transitioned when he was in the Himalayas. This gentle giant of a young man, and his sister Chelsea, who has also transitioned, prompted Elizabeth to co-found Helping Parents Heal, a nation-wide organization in the USA that helps support grieving parents around the world.

On arriving at their house, Leo gave us the familiar light floral scent that I always know is a sure sign from him. On our hike to Morgan and Chelsea’s memorial bench, we were met by numerous butterflies and moths. One butterfly kept flying around us and in front of us as if to lead the way.

Morgan and Chelsea’s bench is on the top of a hill with the most beautiful panoramic view. I felt the excitement of our children when we arrived at the bench. I felt the expansiveness with their high vibration. Their love and joy were palpable. Morgan and Chelsea, Leo and Andre, and many others whose names I don’t know – all were there with us.

At the memorial bench, we offered prayers and our love to all the sons and daughters on the other side, and for the alleviation of suffering of all sentient beings. Cyril commented that he had never seen so many butterflies up there. We welcomed the soothing breeze that came to hug and cool us from the intense midday sun.

Later that afternoon when Elizabeth and I were relaxing and chatting by the pool, the hummingbird came to say hello. It came back to do the same when the two men joined us. We all knew they were messengers from our kids. The next day, this was validated when we saw a big sign that said  “The Hummingbird Society.”

It was another gorgeous day when Leslie took us hiking to the Oak Creek where the back of Cathedral Rock can be seen. A rock that looks like fingers in a mudra used in meditation was clearly visible in the background.  Right by the gurgling water, the three of us held a simple but sacred ceremony to thank Mother Earth. We prayed for her healing from all the abuse inflicted on her over the ages.

It is still awe inspiring no matter how many times we have experienced the seemingly mysterious. As we were walking closer to the Creek, a big monarch butterfly with the yellow and orange colours flew right into CK’s face. Soon after we had arrived, I’d seen a big black bird on the top of a tree. I couldn’t identify it at the time, but moments after we made our offering, the same bird flew up and hovered over us. It flew around us repeatedly. Leslie confirmed that it was a hawk. Of all the times that she had visited the place, she’d never seen one there before. We knew this was a messenger sent to acknowledge and thank us for what we had done.

I asked Leo to bring the hawk back if he was with us. Not only did the hawk, with its huge black and white wing span, fly back shortly afterwards, it called out with a high-pitched sound that could not have been missed. We were mesmerized – so much so that I missed my chance to take a photo! We thanked Leo for the hawk and for being with us. Leo has often sent us Red-tailed hawks on special occasions to give us messages. Leslie also got a validation from Andre.

We had a lot to be grateful for, even without a picture of the hawk. It’s hard to believe that I was given the opportunity to get that photo the next day at Boynton Canyon…

To be continued!

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  1. Eleanor Merkl
    April 21, 2019

    Really magical!!

    • Mabel
      May 14, 2019

      It is magical!

  2. Paul Lee
    April 21, 2019

    So nice to read your viviv description of the somewhat adventurous but rewarding journey to Sedona. Paul

    • Mabel
      May 14, 2019

      Thanks, Paul.

  3. Yin Yip
    May 13, 2019

    Cora and I toured Sedona a number of years ago. Scenery there was magestic. People believe the rocks there have supernatural healing properties. Your beautiful photos bring back a lot of fond memories. Thank you!

    • Mabel
      May 14, 2019

      Good to hear that you have been there!

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