The Magic of Sedona – Part II

(Continued – Read Part I Here)

Boynton Canyon covers a massive area and it would take days to explore even just the accessible parts. We decided to take it easy and walk around, feasting our eyes on the spectacular views and soaking up the healing energies. We were able to see the ‘Kachina Woman,’ which represents the Sacred Feminine, and close to her, the ‘Warrior Rock,’ which represents the Sacred Masculine, therefore offering a balance of the two energies.

After some exploration, we went to lunch at a nearby restaurant which has the whole Canyon and the red rocks as its backdrop. The moment we were seated at our table, I saw a hawk in my line of vision. On closer inspection, I found that it was a life-size statue perched on the railing of the patio outside. It was the only statue in the whole place and it was the same kind of hawk we’d seen at our Oak Creek ceremony the day before! I couldn’t miss my chance this time and took a picture.

Later that day, I also found the exact image of the ‘Black Hawk’ that was Spirit’s messenger for our ceremony.

All the vortexes in Sedona have powerful energies and Boynton Canyon is no different. Early on, Leslie had told us about a man who plays Native American music there in the early mornings. He speaks to visitors and gives out heart rocks. He had not been seen for a while and we were not exactly early when we got to the Canyon that day, so we did not expect to see him.

When we arrived, we were assigned a parking space in a certain area, but we had not intended to stop there – we’d just wanted to drive further down, enjoying the scenery. As soon as we got out of the car, we heard flute music playing. We had our aha moment – we wouldn’t have heard the music had we continued driving. Leslie confirmed it was Robert playing up on the rocks. We were pleasantly surprised by the turn of events and started walking up to meet him as he finished up and started coming down.

Robert, an older gentleman with a Sedona tan, glowed in the sunlight. The daily hikes up the rocks had given him the body of a fit athlete. He was very friendly and said he’d made it his mission to talk about unconditional love and he had been doing it at the Canyon for many years. We had a conversation as we walked together and realized again the timing was perfect. He had just recovered from a knee injury and we would not have met each other if we’d been there a week earlier. He gave us heart rocks as he does with every hiker he finds on his path. He always adds that the rocks are infused with the spirit energies of Boynton Canyon, which are ‘Love and Magic.’ Some might prefer to use the word ‘Miracles.’ It is always encouraging to meet fellow beings working to raise the consciousness of this human world.

It was another surprise hearing from Lisa who wanted to meet us when she found out we were in Sedona. She is another Helping Parents Heal Shining Light mom whose sons Michael and Anthony are on the other side.  We were happy to meet her for lunch and to thank her in person for passing along a loving message from our Leo last year. I’d heard from Sandy, our dear soul sister, about Leo sending us a message through Lisa whom we had never met. On our last wedding anniversary, he’d dropped in on Lisa while she was in a development circle. He validated with undeniable evidence that he was fully aware of our special occasion and was sending signs and synchronicities all day to celebrate with us. It was truly poignant when I heard the recorded message in a hotel room at the end of a long day of traveling. I was and still am absolutely convinced that our children will do everything to reach us and to show us their love and their continuing existence. (See The Bald Eagles blog post for the SnS sent us for our celebration.)

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t include our enchanting evening at the Honshin Fine Art gallery while we were in Sedona. Once a month, artist, owner, and poet, Honshin, and his lovely wife Crystal, host an evening of poetry for the local community. We were guided to this event, named ‘Return of the Treasures of Brother Raven,’ where Honshin read his own personal poems. We enjoyed meeting this delightful couple and the other artists who were present.

We felt the healing energy of Honshin’s Spirit-guided artwork, whether they were his authentic paintings, poems, sculptures, or jewellery. They are all infused with love, fun, joy, and Magic! It is no coincidence that Leo took us to this event with precise Divine timing. It is quite apparent that this gifted artist loves to share his connection with Nature through his work.

The magic of Sedona continues…

We got the ‘303’s all along the highway as we drove back to the Phoenix airport. That was Leo’s way of saying he was going home with us. Later, on the plane, I found that the gentleman sitting next to me was a retiree from Victoria, BC, where Leo had chosen to go to university and where he had unexpectedly exited from this earth plane. I knew this was not a chance meeting. During our conversation, I shared about my son and my last blog post, The Monarch Butterflies.

This kind man told me about his visit to Butterfly World in Phoenix where he’d seen an impressive 14-minute 3D video on Monarch Butterflies!

Two days later, I was so happy when he emailed me photos of the monarchs and moths he had seen. See the monarch sitting on top of his head!

Arriving home with Leo

We returned to Canada after a long day on the road and in the air. The minute we stepped out of the airport, we saw a car in front of us with a couple of love birds kissing each other good bye. The car had a ‘303’ license plate. That was Leo saying “Mom, I am right here with you and Dad.”

We got four more of the “MOM” signs before we arrived home.

Soon after we settled down, CK logged into the music channel. We could hardly believe it. It was playing, ‘By the time I got to Phoenix’!

Later that night, CK turned on the TV and what appeared on the screen?! The exquisite Monarch butterflies on ‘Love Nature’!

Spirit’s perfect timing never ceases to amaze me!

We have had the most soul-full and wonder-full journey! It has been a most memorable time connecting with Nature and Kindred Spirits. The love and joy, the beauty, and the sense of AWE can’t really be articulated, but it is felt deeply in our hearts and souls. We are forever grateful for the Magic of Sedona. We appreciate all the amazing people we have encountered – the Spirit-inspired artwork, the poetry reading, the crystals, the delicious food, and the most comfortable weather.

Like the bright stars hanging in the dark night sky of Sedona, the signs and synchronicities – the Love and Magic – we have been gifted on this journey were too innumerable to be fully documented. We feel very blessed knowing that our precious Leo is closer to us than ever and watching over us along the way. “I am always with you.” He has been showing us just that. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and love.

I am aware that there are always messages from Spirit:

“Trust Spirit’s Divine Timing”

“Be open to receive”

“Believe in yourself”

“There is no coincidence”

And the most significant message from our compassionate son Leo:

“It’s All About Unconditional Love”

Thank you, Leo. We love you and we are grateful for your gift of the Magic of Sedona❣️



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  1. Paul
    April 25, 2019

    Hi Mabel, Glad to read about the memorable and enjoyable journey to Sedona you had with CK. Sure there will be more to come!

  2. Mabel
    April 26, 2019

    Thank you, dear friend! We are ready for more of the amazing journeys with Leo. 🙏

  3. Yin Chi Yip
    May 13, 2019

    I have learned a lot more about Sedona by reading your writing of your trip to Sedona. Also glad to know that Leo was with you and Ck every step of the way.

    • Mabel
      May 14, 2019

      There is no separation! Thanks!

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