The Bicycle

None of us expects our children to leave this world before us, especially when they are young, healthy, and strong. Leo, our only child, returned to the Spirit realm suddenly and unexpectedly at age 19. Dealing with my son’s earthly possessions has been a challenge for me. His room remains very much as it had always been. Every item evokes memories of when he was in the physical with us. It is only parents like us on this journey who would understand how dear every piece of our child’s belongings is, every certificate of accomplishment, everything he had ever acquired. I don’t attach monetary value to the material objects, but I want to hold onto the precious memories.

One of the items we had kept in our care was his bicycle. For a while, Leo enjoyed riding his bike to his high school and around the lake. He didn’t need to use it on the university campus and so he stored it at our home. The bike had once been a gift from us; it was functioning well, in excellent shape, and still looked quite new. It was lightly used and Leo had taken great care of it. Like some of his other belongings, we wanted it to go to someone who would make good use of it. We offered it to one of his friends when we discovered he had to walk quite a distance to go to the train station every morning, but he was afraid that it would be stolen and didn’t want to take the risk of keeping it at the station all day long.

A year ago on Valentine’s Day, we had a reading from a lovely lady and medium with no prior knowledge of us. We had no idea of what would come through nor did we prepare any questions. Right from the start, she gave us two names that we recognized immediately as clear signs from Leo. One of them was Michael, Leo’s good friend. In the reading, Leo indicated that he wanted the bike to go to Michael. I had thought of doing that before, but couldn’t work out the logistics of how to deliver it to him. We were told that it would work out this time. (It would have presented more of a challenge if Leo had asked for his bike to be given to the second person he mentioned. That would have been the current Prime Minister of Canada!)

Michael has written about his friendship with Leo in the Blog post “Changing the World.” Here is an excerpt from the article:

“We can’t help but wonder how someone as sweet and kind as Leo can be taken from us at such a young age. We keep asking the same question – why? But the answer is really quite simple, because he was too good, too beautiful, and too remarkable for our world. Leo would never hesitate in helping a stranger, or striking up a conversation with someone who seemed lonely. He was the most loyal and devoted friend that anyone could ask for, and his compassion was unparalleled. Not only was Leo sociable and personable, but he was also extremely intelligent – his academic life was an integral part of his character and there was not a doubt in my mind that he would succeed in his dreams of going to Law School. Wherever Leo went, whatever he did, he touched those around him, encouraging them all to flourish, grow, and reach for the moon. His aspirations were bold; he never lost sight of his dreams, and they were always (always) just a grasp away. Leo had a hope for this world, a passion for social justice, and an idealism that drove his every thought, word, and action…”

We have involved Michael in raising awareness about the vaccine to protect young people, his peers across British Columbia and Canada. At the invitation of the BC Center for Disease Control, we worked in collaboration to produce a video named “I lost my friend to meningitis.”

Soon after Valentine’s Day, I contacted Michael, who has stayed in touch with us over the years, to see if he would like Leo’s bicycle. He was happy about our offer. He’d had a bad fall and had broken his knee in mid-January. He was trying to find a bike for exercising his legs when he recovered. It couldn’t have been better timing.

Going back to January, Michael had texted me the night before Leo’s Rebirth Day and said that he was going in for surgery the next day, 1/18.  He could not make it to the ceremony of that special day with us. We wished him a safe and successful operation. We noticed the synchronicity: not only would Michael be having his operation on that poignant day, but the surgery was to take place at the same hospital where Leo had transitioned back to the Spirit realm.

The evening of 1/18, we heard from Michael that the surgery went well. He shared more with us. He’d been very nervous when he was taken into the pre-operation room that morning. It was his first operation and he would be under anesthetic. Just as his apprehension started to overwhelm him, his attending nurse entered the room. She was very kind and gentle. To his surprise, Michael saw her wearing a Buddha pendant on her scrub. He knew this was unusual. He breathed a sigh of relief and settled down. He realized that Leo was right there watching over him, making sure things would go well. He knew that his prayers had been heard.

He told the nurse about his good friend Leo who’d lost his life to the fatal meningococcal disease suddenly and unexpectedly. And he also told her how Leo was right there in the same hospital for 5 days at the ICU before he exited on that same day, 1/18, six years ago. Both of them knew that there were larger forces at work. It was no coincidence.

Both Leo and Michael were passionate about world politics and had spent many hours discussing how certain political actions can affect lives around the world. Another topic they were both interested in was the teachings of Buddha who embodies wisdom, loving kindness and compassion. Leo had sent Michael a powerful sign with the caring nurse and her Buddha pendant. Michael breathed a sigh of relief, knowing he would be fine. And, of course, the surgery went very well.

A few months later, Michael had recovered enough that he didn’t need to walk with crutches anymore. He felt it was time to come to our place to pick up the bicycle that was waiting for him. I wondered how it would fit into the trunk of his small car, but knew better than to doubt.

It was a Sunday and had been cloudy all day, or, at least, until we went outside to meet Michael. As we hugged each other, we saw the golden sunlight streaming through the clouds. We laughed, knowing that Leo had come to join us in welcoming his friend. After our visit, we had an early dinner so that our young friend could make his way home back to Vancouver Island. My husband and Michael tried every way they could think of to fit Leo’s bike into the back of the car. I watched from the sidelines, not being able to do anything.

The sun was shining brightly, beaming golden light down onto all of us. Still there were parts of the bike that wouldn’t go in – one handlebar and part of the wheel were sticking out. We were at our wits’ end. Michael had to leave for the terminal soon or he would miss the last ferry home.

Suddenly, out of the blue, a woman stood in front of us. We saw a car parked on the side of the road and perhaps she had seen the two men struggling with the bike while she was driving by. Before we knew it, she had removed one of the wheels, making it easy for us to fit the bike into the trunk. We clapped our hands, happy that the mission was accomplished! We thanked the kind woman who’d come to our rescue. She even showed us a bungee cord she’d been carrying with her just in case! We could hardly believe it. She was like an angel who showed up at the right time.

I told her my name and added that ‘Mabel’ is an old-fashioned English name that is not common nowadays. Her response was that her mom’s name is Mabel and her mom is not English either. Her mom is from Ukraine. What is the chance of that happening, that her mom and I have the same uncommon first name?!  And she happened to be there at the right time! No coincidence again!

We know that our son is still watching over his young friends and there are many stories of his helping them from the other side that might not be told.

Those who miss him feel his gentle presence and his unconditional love for them and for us ALL. I can see his big smile as I am writing. The signs and synchronicities are for all of us. Leo wants us and especially his friends to know that he is alive and well. He knows how traumatized they all were when he suddenly left his human body.  He wants to comfort them and reassure them that he is still very busy and making divine music in a different dimension.

Like they all know, “Leo is always busy.” Busy making positive changes for the world. “Everything is Possible when we are working for the highest good,” I can hear him say.

Thank you, Son. We are so proud of you. You are our role model for Unconditional Love and Compassion.  Love and Hugs to you, Leo❣️


One more SnS

After the reading from our lovely medium friend on that Valentine’s Day, we went out for a walk to one of our favourite spots.  We received another amazing gift from our son. A vibrant Rainbow in the Fountain!

Leo, we are so grateful for the powerful validation from you. We feel your unwavering love for us❣️


P.S. Just before this article was published, we are happy to have met with Michael and to know that he is starting Law School this fall in the capitol of Canada. He shared that he is grateful to have Leo guiding him in his moving forward with the next chapter of his life. What fun it will be riding ‘the bicycle’ on the banks of the Rideau Canal! We wish him every success and send him lots of love. ❤️❤️❤️


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  1. Donna
    June 6, 2019

    Such beautiful miracles coming from your son.! This is an amazing story that moves me so deeply. It brings me tears, but also great happiness!

    • Mabel
      August 27, 2019

      Dear Donna, I am grateful for all the miracles! I just got your comment and thus the delay in the response. Hope you will PM me if you are from HPH.
      Love and Peace!

  2. Chris Ridout
    June 17, 2019

    Great story Mabel! I didn’t realize that Leo was also musical. Wonderful. See you soon. Namaste, Chris

  3. Mabel
    June 19, 2019

    Thanks, Chris! Leo loves music!

  4. Yin Chi Yip
    August 25, 2019

    Leo and Michael were truly good friends. It is amazing to know that they are still in close touch after all these years even though they live in two totally different worlds!

    • Mabel
      August 26, 2019

      Thanks, Yin Chi!
      Leo continues to watch over his friends and in fact, showers blessings on all of us.


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