Our Amazing Children

I have met many parents, especially mothers, across the world through HPH- Helping Parents Heal, an amazing support community for all those who have children in the Spirit World. My dear friend Paola is one of them. We know beyond the shadow of a doubt our beloved boys, Leo and Nicholas, have connected us. Both my Leo and her Nick were very young when they returned to the Light at 19 and 20, respectively. They were both beautiful and bright, strong and healthy, and had everything to live for. They were far away from home when their exits from this human world happened suddenly and unexpectedly. After spending Christmas at home with us, Leo had just returned to the University of Victoria, Canada, where he had received a four-year scholarship.

Nick had gone from UC Berkeley to Nice, France, on a study abroad program.

Leo was an only child and so was Nick. For anyone in this world, the “loss” of a precious child is the most devastating tragedy. Paola and I bonded naturally with a deep understanding of each other. We know what it is like to bear the unbearable. We know that our sons are alive and well in another dimension, and missing their physical presence is very challenging.

Soon after we met, thousands of miles from each other, I knew that Leo’s SnS, signs and synchronicities, were showing me that Nick was with him. They were travelling, working, and having fun together. I started calling Nick “Leo’s buddy.” And then my amazing son sent an indisputable sign to affirm this. As we were driving home one day, I saw a red truck a few lanes away. I felt nudged to take a picture, even though it seemed too far away. I was thrilled when I saw “BUD NIK” on the license plate. I sent it to Paola on arriving home, just before she and Conrado, her husband, were about to have a HPH zoom meeting to talk about the signs they receive from their precious boy!

I have been blessed with innumerable signs and messages from Leo to share with Paola. They are always comforting and give us joy, letting us know that our boys are in Bliss and validating their presence.

CK and I see the red Milani truck often, in different cities, and always after I invite Leo to come with us. I have many pictures of it with the 888-8888 number all around. Angel number 888 is the Infinity symbol and one of Leo’s Calling Codes.

CK and I were on our way home, and I didn’t think I needed another picture, when I saw it from afar. I only realized it was meant for Paola when she responded. She told me that Nick loved – and still loves – the Italian culture as that’s where she is from. His favourite soccer team was the Milan Team, and he had their red jersey. What a brilliant way for him and Leo to show us they are together and enjoying Italy! Since then, I send Paola a picture of the red truck whenever we see it.

We know that Leo and Nick would love for us all to meet up in Hawaii sometime. However, it’s not the right time to do it during the pandemic. Who would have thought that we could actually go on a virtual flight over the scenic Islands where Nick’s parents reside and where I had gone to school!

In honour of the boys, I wrote a blog post, “Fly Over Hawaii” and published it on Nick’s Re-Birthday, July 14th, 2021. CK and I enjoyed our magical, breathtaking trip with Leo and Nick.

To honour Nick on Bastille Day last year, one of Paola’s friends travelled to Nice where his and 85 other lives were taken by a religious fanatic when they were all enjoying the celebrations. Without knowing the significance of 303, Paola’s friend sent her a picture of her hotel room door in Nice. The number was 303!

This is a texting code young people use for MOM. It is also an undeniable sign and calling code from Leo. I have written extensively about all the magical Calling Codes in my book, The Infinite Bond. There couldn’t be more powerful evidence that our boys are well and were together on that unforgettable day. Nick was saying to his mom, “Don’t worry about me, I am fine with Bud Leo.”

Leo never ceases to amaze me. I felt his loving energy as I was writing this article. There are hundreds of Leo pictures with 303 on my laptop. I was guided to a saved picture that I wasn’t aware of, and it was taken on July 14th, 2021, the same day Paola received the 303 picture from Nice.

I would never have found it on my own. My compassionate son once again declared succinctly, “Mom, I can be here with you and anywhere I am needed.”

It was heartwarming when Paola told me that she would be placing a crystal heart in the Hawaiian waters at Kaneohe Bay to honour Leo on his 10th Re-Birthday, January 18th.

Not only is Kaneohe Bay spectacular in its natural beauty, but it is also one of the most sacred places on the Oahu Island in Hawaii. Paola reported that the weather was unusually good and the waters very calm the day they made the offering. The pictures tell the story!

It is the most spiritual setting for the perfect crystal heart. When I saw the photos and videos, I had no doubt Leo and Nick were having fun and entertaining Paola and Conrado with a Light Show in the waters.

It is also Leo’s way of saying, “I am grateful for the Love!” The L in the lower right picture stands for LOVE and LEO. Our precious boys are sending their love as well.

In late January, 2021, CK and I were going out for dinner when Paola contacted me about seeing the number 222 after sending me the information regarding Kaneohe Bay. Earlier in the day, I had also received 222 in a picture with the sun. I was sharing that Leo and Nick would be with us at dinner as I had invited them to join us with our family. We love having the boys with us and I always have validations of their presence to share with Paola. I was busy typing on my phone when suddenly I heard CK saying, “Look, the Sun!” It had been dark and cloudy all day and we didn’t expect to see the brilliant sun.

Thankfully, I acted swiftly, and Paola was able to see the pictures of the Glorious Light within seconds. The Light came and went, giving us just enough time to be mesmerized by the divine gift!

She knew what that meant and exclaimed in her message, “Oh My God, the Beautiful Golden Light” and “LEO!”  We were blessed with the highest vibration of Love and Peace.

Maseratis are not common where we live, but we kept seeing them for a while after I started talking with Paola, who is Italian.

We are aware of the connection whenever we see these Italian cars. The most astonishing time was when we saw a Maserati with another of Leo’s Calling Codes, 810.

It was parked in the garage of the restaurant where we always take Leo for our weekend lunch. And Leo affirmed it with a car nearby that had his Calling Code, 888!

We continue to go to our favourite eating places with Leo as a family, and these days, with Nick as well. I consider them to be my boys. They were acknowledging me when we saw the car with the “MY BOYS” license plate, recently. It was parked in the same spot where we had seen the Maserati last summer. Both times, they were right in front of the bank, and we couldn’t have walked past without noticing them.

Back to the evening we went out to dinner! When we were almost home, a car with a 222-license plate appeared in front of us. It was not the first time, nor will it be the last of the 222s I often see.

I could remember the car that was parked next to ours in our garage last summer. I had never seen it in our designated parking spaces before and I only knew it came all the way from Ontario where Leo was born. When I saw it again driving down the ramp, I was aware of its significance. “CPNT 222” is an acronym for Conrado, Paola, and Nick Together.

It is Leo’s brilliant way of saying, “They are still a family together, and I am still family with you and Dad.”  It was magical, and so comforting for Paola and Conrado, for all of us.

I never saw that car again, but the 222s are showing up in all directions!  The car license plates, the time on my devices, and other ways, often two or three in the same day.

I was even nudged to post this blog on 2/22/2022.

I am grateful to my beloved Leo for inspiring me to write and share. He has made the most incredible connections for all of us who long for signs and validations from our children. I am grateful to be connected with beautiful Nick and for the friendship with his parents. It is always magical when I receive signs and messages from our amazing children to give to their parents. Leo has been validating all along that children in the Spirit World are well loved. They continue to learn and grow. They have the wisest and most loving teachers, and they are all connected, helping one another. Our children want us to support each other while we are still in this human body. It will make this journey much easier to navigate.

I am hearing a most profound message from LEO/Spirit as I finish up this post:  WE ARE ONE. There is no separation!

Love Each Other – LEO ❤️❤️❤️


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  1. paola leslie
    February 22, 2022

    Mabel, this is so beautiful! I have no words! You put together in this beautiful blog many of the sings and messages that Leo and Nick gave to us since we connected! They are working and orchestrating through you and me all these events. You are an amazing messenger for the Spiritual World! I love the gift that Leo and Nick gave to us with the light show when I offered the crystal to the ocean for Leo! This blog is going to bring comfort to so many! Our children are all amazing and helping us navigate this journey! Thank you boys for all your work to help the humanity and thank you Mabel for bring all these signs to all of us! Love you and Ck! Love Leo and Nick!

    • Mabel
      February 22, 2022

      I am grateful for every sign and message from Leo. Thanks, Paola for the beautiful heart crystal for Leo. He really appreciated and sent love ❤️
      Precious Nick and Leo!!

  2. Sandy T
    February 23, 2022

    Oh Mabel and Paola- these signs and synchronicities are amazing! I love the pics of the crystal over and in the water – and yes, I saw the L as well!

    Your boys are truly amazing and I’m sure they are having so much fun as well.

    May you both continue to share this web of connection, that helps so many others to see and believe this amazing Web of Love! ????

    • Mabel
      February 23, 2022

      Thanks Sandy! Truly grateful for all the Love and messages from Leo! and Nick.
      I know Paola and I will continue with our work to share this web of connection!

  3. Perry
    February 23, 2022

    Mabel this is amazing! Such a marvelous blog. So many SnS that there truly is no other explanation than the joyous boys are setting you up to see all these amazing signs to let you know they are with you nearly all the time. At least when you go out to eat! Lol. I love the heart that Nicks mom placed in the bay as well for Leo. Those pictures and video are stunningly beautiful. Yes special connections have been created by our beloved sons who like Italian cars! Lol. Doug liked Ferrari’s the best. ?

  4. Mabel
    February 23, 2022

    Thanks Perry!
    Leo never ceases to amaze me, then and now, at what he can accomplish. Wonderful to hear of him and Bud Nick having fun where ever they want to be. Doug is now driving all the Ferraris he desire! ❤️??

  5. Yin Chi Yip
    February 23, 2022

    Glad to learn about Leo’s friendship with Nick in the spiritual world. It is comforting, magical, amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing Mabel.???

  6. Yin Chi Yip
    February 23, 2022

    Glad to learn about Leo’s fantastic friendship with Nick in the spiritual world. It is a comforting, magical, amazing and inspiring story! I am confident that Leo also has lot of other buddies there too. Thank you for sharing Mabel.???

    • Mabel
      February 24, 2022

      Thanks, dear friend! You are very perceptive. Leo has lots of buddies. I am aware and validated by what other moms shared with me! ???

  7. February 28, 2022

    They never cease to amaze and insist we remember they are still here! ?

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