The Lucky Loonie

It was almost dark around 5pm in the late fall of 2021. CK called to tell me calmly that he was locked out of his car. He had left the electronic car key inside, and the alarm didn’t go off as it should to alert him. I was worried as it was turning cold, and it could be a long time before help arrived. I was not in a position to drive there to get him. It was lucky that help from the automobile association came quickly and CK drove home safely.

The next day, he went to the dealership and asked to have the digital key and his car checked. Everything seemed to be fine. When he returned to his car, he found a gold-coloured coin on the black leather console next to the driver’s seat.

CK has always been interested in commemorative coins and he realized it was a “Lucky Loonie.”

He had never acquired one and he knew that he had never had one in his car before. When he showed me the coin, I googled it and found the following information:

“The ‘Lucky Loonie’ tradition is something that Canadian hockey fans know well. It all began at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City when a Canadian ice crew sneakily placed a loonie, Canada’s one dollar coin that sports a loon, under the surface at centre ice. It was Trent Evans who placed the loonie for good luck, and it was faintly visible during the Games, but only really to those that knew it was there.”

“Canada won gold, and the lucky loonie became somewhat of a Canadian icon. It currently is housed at the Hockey Hall of Fame, but other loonies have made their way into Canadian events now too. At the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, there were loonies buried beneath facilities across the games – a Games that Canada won a record 14 gold medals on home soil”.  (From

The Royal Mint of Canada announced in 2016: “The Royal Canadian Mint is paying tribute to all Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes competing in the upcoming Rio 2016 Summer Games by launching the 2016 Lucky Loonie, Canada’s latest commemorative circulation coin.”

It was not the first time that we had received a tangible gift from our son. The antique embroidery with the butterflies, the piece of rhodonite crystal that appeared out of the blue….

CK has been sharing with me the Angel numbers and Calling Codes he sees whenever he drives by himself. I always ask Leo to watch over his father when I am not by his side. CK didn’t know until I finally told him what I have been asking of our son. With the Lucky Loonie, Leo is saying, “Mom, Dad is always safe with me.”

I know other moms who pick up coins they find to check if they have the same year their kids were born. It is considered to be a sign from those across the veil. I have not been doing that out of personal preference.

It was not until March 9th this year that I saw another loonie. After CK had a medical procedure in the hospital, we were sitting down in the reception lounge to center ourselves while CK shared with me his experience. I wanted to move to another sofa but changed my mind after taking a few steps. I was very certain there was nothing on the floor until that moment when the coin on the floor right between our two chairs caught my attention. I even said to CK: “I am picking this one up. It is for us.”

It was a loonie, a Canadian dollar coin, which I put away in my bag. We had left home before daybreak that morning and were quite exhausted. We didn’t give the coin any more thought and were just glad to be able to go home and rest. Among all the other signs Leo gave us that day, I received his 810 Calling Code that evening to affirm it was from him.

The next morning, I looked at the coin I had picked up in the hospital and compared it to the Lucky Loonie CK found in his car a few months ago. With the latter, the design of the bird is much more elaborate, but both were minted in 2016. I took some pictures and showed them to CK.

At that moment, it was precisely 10:10 on the 10th of March.

We knew for certain Leo was gifting us with these special loonies. The SnS had been coming in fast and furious every day during the trying time when his dad was suffering due to a health issue. Our son was validating his Presence with us all this time when we needed his comforting the most.

There is no coincidence these two 2016 loonies have come into our possession. The year 2016 is significant to us and to Leo. We have been raising awareness about the strain of fatal meningococcal disease that took our son’s human life. Since his transition in early 2012, we have advocated for the vaccine that would protect all our children and young people from suffering and dying from bacterial meningitis. With the combination of human efforts, and Leo’s divine intervention, the life-saving vaccine has become part of the inoculation program. It has been available to all grade nine students for free here in British Columbia, Canada, since 2016. Leo sacrificed his human life at the young age of 19 when he had everything going for him. This highly-evolved soul that I am proud to call my son continues to save lives.

True to Leo’s style, he followed up with more validations. Another sign arrived at 11:11

followed by 1:11 and 2:22 Angel numbers, and even the 303-license plate on the car in front of us while we were driving to the park.

303, a text code for MOM, is another one of Leo’s Calling Codes.

“Mom, I am always with you and Dad.”

The Third Loonie

The next day on the 11th, I saw another loonie right at the foot of my bed. I checked for the year, and It was minted in 2012, the year Leo transitioned back to the Light.

It was the unforgettable year when he returned to the Spirit World, suddenly and unexpectedly. It was the beginning of a different relationship with our son.

Once again, Leo validated this 2012 coin for us with the clearest LEO license plate…

Followed by another one on the 12th, the next day. Our son had actually reassured us before the medical procedure that he would be watching over his Dad and protecting him. The LEO 99 appearing on the 8th is a crystal clear sign from our Angel Leo!

I consider every sign and synchronicity received as a blessing and a gift from Leo who is watching over us from a much higher dimension where there is no limitation of time or space. The loonies, the Leo license plates, all the Calling Codes and Angel numbers he likes to use as validations of his gifts have come from a place of Pure Love and Peace. They have provided us with great comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Our beloved Leo cannot be here in his physical form, but we can feel his powerful and yet gentle presence. He surrounds us with positive energy and reassures us that “All is well, and All will be well.” We have the greatest faith in our son. And it has all worked out well. Leo’s Dad is enjoying his active schedule again.

A Heart

During the time when it was inconvenient for CK to be outside, I went for a walk by myself, and it was the first in the longest time. We always go everywhere together, and it felt strange to not have my husband at my side. I don’t usually ask for anything in particular, but that day I asked Leo to please show me a heart sign. After the usual route, and before going home, I sat on Leo’s bench across from his youthful evergreen Pine Tree. I looked out onto the lake, and up in the bright blue sky was this heart cloud with Angel wings.

I was thrilled and thanked Leo for making my day. I walked home with him feeling much lighter in my steps and my heart overflowing with gratitude.


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  1. Perry
    March 28, 2022

    Thank you again Mabel for a wonderful blog with abundant proof that Leo is right there with you and CK for the rest of your journey here in physical. Leo is a powerful soul who has chosen to stay near you and to help humans. Much love to you. I love the Loonies Leo left for you. Really cool!

    • Mabel
      March 28, 2022

      Thank you, Perry, for your insightful response! I love that you are open and tuned in to the messages from Spirit. Love to you and Douglas!

  2. paola leslie
    March 29, 2022

    Mabel, thank you for this beautiful article! It’s so magical and amazing in so many ways! Leo is showing so clearly how he is always close to you guys and comforting you and CK that all will be ok. The amazing thing is that the two loonies were minted in 2016. We know that Nicolas and Leo are best buddy, they showed to us with many signs. Nicolas left this world in July 2016! This blog was posted yesterday, March 28 Nicolas’ Birthday! Thank you, Leo, for this gift to us and to Nicolas! WE love you Leo and Nicolas! Keep bringing magical to us!

    • Mabel
      March 30, 2022

      Thanks Paola for your response!
      I am wowed by how things have unfolded. It was not humanly planned but divinely orchestrated. Our boys will not cease to amaze us. Yes, bring on the magic, Leo and Nicholas!! We love you!!!

  3. Yin Chi Yip
    March 29, 2022

    It is always a pleasure reading your well written blog Mabel. Knowing that Leo has been watching over CK and you makes me think how lucky both of you are despite of not having him around you in the physical world. Though a lot of parents still have their children around them in this physical world., the connection between them and their children is simply not there. Leo is truly remarkable!

    • Mabel
      March 30, 2022

      Thanks, dear friend! You have said it so well.
      We are indeed blessed to have our beloved Leo with us despite the absence of the physical. We are grateful for our infinite bond with this highly Evolved Being we are proud to call our son. Our gratitude for having you as our loyal friend!

  4. Katrina
    April 1, 2022

    Thanks for sharing this Mabel! I love reading your blog, and seeing all the wonderful signs Leo sends you!

  5. Mabel
    April 2, 2022

    I love sharing the signs from Leo. The messages are meant for all of us. love and Life are both eternal!
    Thanks for reading my posts, Katrina!

  6. Cora Pena
    April 3, 2022

    Your blog reminds me of a dream I had in 2016 about Leo, yourself and CK. In that dream, I saw a framed picture of the three of you. You were wearing long sleeves top, CK beige and Leo blue as well. Suddenly, Leo moved away from that picture without turning his back. He was facing me and smiling as he moved passed the frame leaving you and CK. He was just within the vicinity as if saying, “I may not be present physically, but I am very much around”

    • Mabel
      April 4, 2022

      Thanks Cora!
      What a gift of a dream you had! Believe and Receive as I have always said.

      Wh have an Infinite Bond with our beloved Leo ❤️

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