A Special Gift

I have no doubt our children across the Veil are connected and they are more active than ever. Leo has given me much to write and share about this truth in the Helping Parents Heal (HPH) Facebook group. (Helping Parents Heal is a support group for parents and families with children across the veil. We are different from other bereavement groups as we know we can have communication with our children, and we share the signs from our loved ones.)  Our children have not only survived human death, but they also thrive in the Spirit world. Once again, beloved Leo and his precious friend Abbe are giving evidence of the continuation of Consciousness.

It is with great joy and excitement that I am writing this article. Little Abbe’s baby brother and sister arrived on December 3rd, much earlier than expected. Abbe was also born on the 3rd, the third child in the family. His mom Linda knew the twins were coming when she was wheeled into hospital Room Number 3.

I could hear little Abbe proudly saying, “I am now a big brother watching over my babies!”

I shared this with HPH parents on 10/26/22:

Our Children are connected! Since Linda and I first connected on HPH, I’ve been seeing 311 on license plates and on my phone.

Linda’s Abbe was a healthy baby who left his parents and older siblings devastated when he suddenly transitioned at age three. His birthdate is November 3rd and here in North America, it is 3/11 instead of 11/3 in Scandinavian Europe.

Abbe’s sweet, innocent face melts my heart every time I see his picture.

I have always felt strongly that he is with Leo, and they are giving me signs for Linda.

She agrees. “I sure hope Abbe gets to hang out with Leo and his friends, he just LOVED to hang out with the much older kids. And I know he would adore Leo!”

One time after she read my post about the boys, she wrote:

“When reading it, I saw Leo and Abbe so clearly in front of me, holding hands and my boy doing the little wiggle dance he used to do when he was super happy. Abbe has once physically let me feel what he is feeling being in the spirit world and it was feelings of pure happiness, warmth, and joy. I’m so thankful to Leo for taking care of Abbe. And I’m so thankful for the signs they give us, letting us know that their hearts are full of joy and happiness.

“Leo is truly amazing. I often think of him when walking in the woods by my house. It is something about the light and the rays of sunshine shining between the trees that makes me think of him and Abbe.

“I think that Leo is doing a wonderful job teaching him!”

In the last few days, the 311 SnS have come repeatedly. One afternoon as we were driving, 3:11 appeared on my phone and almost immediately, a LEO license plate appeared on a red car! Knowing the significance, I reported this to Linda with pictures. The following morning, 311 appeared to me in a unique way, and I knew Leo wanted me to know something.

So, I contacted Linda with the picture of Suzanne’s message with a red heart and number 311 at the bottom. I asked her if she had heard from Abbe.

She shared this:

“I truly believe that Leo and Abbe spend time together and that Leo has taught my baby how to connect to me with signs. Abbe continues to give me heart-shaped rocks, butterflies, and random numbers often appear on the clock I told you about. Since the beginning of last summer, he has also started to show me things in pairs: two squirrels, two butterflies chasing each other, or two bumblebees next to each other. And I’m one-hundred-percent sure that this is Abbe’s way of showing me love, joy, and happiness for the twins I’m now carrying. I’m also certain that these babies are sent by him.”

She saw a pair of deer running by the next day. I congratulated Linda and was thrilled for her and her family. Leo and Abbe wanted her to tell me the wonderful news. Our Children are good friends and in pure Bliss!

Earlier in May, I published a blog post entitled, “The Preponderance of Evidence” with details of Leo and Abbe’s connection across the Veil.

On 12/13, I shared with Linda about the 311 license plates we saw as we got out of our car. They were parked back-to-back.

Including the 311 car that we saw yesterday on our walk, it would be the third time in less than 48 hours that Abbe’s birthdate showed up. My intuition told me there was news waiting for me. (When my son keeps sending me 311, that’s nudging me to reach out to Linda.) It proved to be true when I got Linda’s good news in October about her pregnancy, and then the arrival of the twins in early December.

Here’s Linda’s immediate response:

Actually, I was thinking about you the other day when I got some information that made me smile! So, I’ve told you that I often walk our dog in the small forest next to our house. Since the beginning of last summer, I’ve run into this beautiful feral cat several times on our walks. He just sits there watching me and he’s not afraid of my dog at all. He’s a beautiful cat, all majestic looking, like a beautiful small lion. Abbe LOVED cats and therefore I always think of him when I meet this lovely animal. Yesterday, I found out this cat’s name in the most random way: his name is Leo. Of course, his name is Leo!!!”

I heard “Leo” in telepathy as soon as I read that the cat was majestic and beautiful like a small lion. The way it responded to Linda is not the usual behaviour of a feral cat!  It was heartwarming, the way little Abbe was validating with his mom: “I am happy and with Leo!”

After that brief chat with Linda, CK and I had to walk to a professional building with a 3030 address. (The 0 amplifies the 303 energy.) A 303-plate car appeared at our side.

When we returned home, Linda and I talked some more. That’s when I heard the timer in the kitchen ringing. The time on it was 3:03!

I won’t forget to mention that we saw, within a short time earlier in the day, license plates with 333, three 666s, and 999. All Angel numbers and multiples of 3. This is Leo’s typical style of affirming his messages.

“MOM, Trust Yourself! Thank you for honouring your Intuition!”

I am deeply aware this is a gift for all of us. The holiday season is challenging for us who are missing our precious children’s physical presence. What better gift than hearing from our kids that they are fine, and they are reaching out to us with their love?

I receive with humility and gratitude! Thank you, dearest Leo, our Compassionate Son! We are grateful for our ongoing relationship.

Congratulations to Abbe’s parents and family on the arrival of your two precious bundles of joy! Our warmest wishes to you all this Holiday Season and for the New Year!


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  1. Perry
    December 21, 2022

    It’s wonderful that you always take the time to see the signs and share with us all. Great Job Mabel and Leo and Abbe??♾?

    • Mabel
      December 21, 2022

      Thanks Perry! I am honoured to share the signs and synchronicities from Leo. All coming from my heart and soul. ???

  2. Carol Breeze
    December 21, 2022

    Thank you Mabel. This is such a heartwarming story. It is so full of hope for this season and the coming year… Lots of love to all.

  3. Mabel
    December 21, 2022

    Thanks Carol! It warms my heart as well, to experience the love and closeness with Leo and Abbe! ???

  4. Katrina
    December 21, 2022

    It is beautiful listening to how Leo is with Abe and I’m sure he would be a wonderful comfort to a little boy ? I love how receptive you are about receiving their messages; and the way you write is truly moving ❤️

    • Mabel
      December 21, 2022

      Thanks, Katrina, for your response! Since Linda and I have met on HPH, our beloved boys have been showing us they are together, and precious Abbe is growing and learning well with Leo. I am grateful to receive the signs and share their message-Love never dies and Life never ends! Sending love to you and your family! ?❤️?

  5. Earline Ahonima
    December 21, 2022

    I love the story of Abbe and Leo! There is no end to the ways that Love can make itself known to us through our loved ones. Mabel, you are doing such important work in both your blog and your wonderful book to help heal parents who are faced with their worst nightmare. “We’re still right here! We see you and we love you!” (I received a frisson of joy as I wrote those words.) You demonstrate this over and over again with stories of remarkable signs and synchronicities and with your commitment to HPH. I am so grateful to you and for you.

  6. Mabel
    December 22, 2022

    How very true! “There is no end to the ways that Love can make itself known to us through our loved ones”. I sincerely appreciate what you have shared here in the comments. Dear friend, I am grateful to you and for you as well. Love and thanks! ❤️

  7. Cora Pena
    December 24, 2022

    Nothing happens by accident. Things happen for a reason at the perfect time and the perfect place like the birth of the twins, the appearance of the majestic, beautiful cat like a small lion, the formation of the cloud like a lion and the appearance of the angel numbers. Leo and Abbe continue to communicate and comfort their loves ones and others who needed help. Thank you Mabel for serving as instrument in connecting these and finding meaning in these events.

    • Mabel
      December 24, 2022

      Thanks for your comments, Cora! Blessings to you!

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