Faith, Trust, & Gratitude

As we were driving to one of our favourite family shopping places earlier today, we saw the 600L license plate in front of us. To us, this is a code for the words LEO Oh LEO. Within minutes, our son affirmed the SnS (Signs and Synchronicities) with his signature sign, the LEO plate on the red car, LEO 60, which is also LEO LEO. The numeral 6 sounds like “Leo” in Chinese.

I trust that Leo is always with us, wherever we go. I am also aware that he’s reminding me to write and share about the stunning signs and synchronicities lately.

It was a glorious day yesterday with the sun shining and it felt like Spring was here after our long winter. We decided to go to our favourite walking trail by the water, one we have missed for almost half a year now. We were driving on the narrow winding road when suddenly the FWD 888 car appeared. Triple 8 (888) is a Calling Code from our son that we see frequently. Eight (8) is an Angel number and the symbol for Infinity.

It reminded me instantly of the 888 Tesla in purple we had seen a couple of days ago in the park. It was not the only SnS that day.

CK had just shown me a bunch of purple Crocus flowers in a not-so-visible part of the park.

From that moment on, I have not stopped seeing purple flowers.

On the way home, the 810 Calling Code from Leo showed up to validate his gifts for us. The number 810 is Leo’s birthday (August 10th) and the official time when he returned to the Light.

The other significant number sequence is 303, which is a text code for MOM. It is a Calling Code from Leo, validating his Presence every time it’s seen. A few days ago, after our monthly hair appointment, which is always a family outing with Leo, we drove back to our city for lunch. As we arrived at the parking lot near one of our regular restaurants, we were thrilled to see the 303 stall was available again. It had been covered up for a long time due to repair work in the area.

I didn’t snap a picture when CK found the $3.03 discount on the receipt for something we bought. I had barely finished saying that I would take a picture if I saw 303 for a third time, and then magic happened! We were leaving the parking lot, and driving down a ramp. The number 3030 was right in front of our eyes. (The 0 at the end amplifies the 303 energy.) We couldn’t have missed it as it was on the building and in our line of vision. It’s where our ophthalmologist has a satellite office and CK and I go for check-ups.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw 303 on the clock later on. It was the fourth time that day. It’s Leo’s style to give his signs repeatedly.

As a matter of fact, I received the 111 Angel number four times in addition to the four 303s that day! I saw it twice on license plates while driving on the highway, but it happened too fast to take any pictures. I didn’t expect to get table 111 in the restaurant where we had lunch. I took a picture this third time.

I couldn’t imagine seeing 111 again when we arrived home! The FB memory on my phone reminded me of the ER visit two years ago when my mom, in her late 90s, fell and the pain was unbearable. The female M.D. who saw her suddenly spoke in Chinese and told us her parents were from Hong Kong. She was born and raised in Canada. I shared how similar it had been for our son and I raised my phone to show her Leo’s picture. At that exact moment, it was 1.11 pm.

It couldn’t have been better timing. Leo is a most caring son and grandson. We knew he was there all that time while we were waiting for the doctor, and he made sure his grandma got help from the best person.

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk on the trail where we witnessed the beautiful signs of Spring. The blue herons returning to prepare nests for their babies, human moms bringing their young children, bundled up in winter clothing, to play on the beach, and the buds and flowers popping up were all uplifting and energizing.

There was the brilliant golden Light and a Lightness in the air, which felt sacred and peaceful to us.

We were supposed to take a friend to visit Leo’s Tree by the lake later that afternoon. We had met this beautiful young woman a number of years ago and she was the one who had introduced me to my first piece of “Infinity” jewellery. There were times when we had planned to meet, and she’d had to cancel at the last minute. Then one Sunday morning, I was quite surprised to hear from her. She said she would be in the vicinity and wanted to meet for lunch. We finally met with her and her young child two-and-a-half hours after the scheduled time. We then learned about her health challenges and her relationship with her partner who was having mental health issues. She revealed to us the next day how our meeting that afternoon had prevented her and her child from a most traumatic experience. They could have lost their lives! We feel grateful to have been put on her path so we can be of support.

On this particular afternoon, she was once again delayed for two hours and this time it was because of her court appointment. We ended up going to Leo’s Tree after dinner when it was dark outside. The temperature had dropped a lot and it was cold by the lake. I actually heard our friend saying that she felt warm at the Tree when just a few minutes ago she was shivering in the parking lot. I trust that she felt Leo’s loving energy around her. CK and I went to the tree in different cars, and he thought he had seen a 303-plated car go past him, but he was not certain because it had happened so fast, and it was dark.

We were walking back to the parking lot when CK said, “It’s still here!” Clear as day, the 303 plate on the white car was lit up by the streetlamp. This must have been the first time we had visited the Tree at night. It is not random at all that 303 appeared on this occasion when our friend needed comforting and reassuring.  We knew we had done the right thing to bring her to Leo’s tree. Our compassionate son was letting us know he appreciated her visit and was sending his blessings.

She will be undergoing brain surgery very shortly and the doctors only gave her a 50/50 chance of having her health issue resolved. We know she needs Divine help other than the medical experts. It takes a lot of faith and we believe in miracles as our son has shown us well over the years. We continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers for the best outcome.

It was the Infinity Sign that had brought us together with this young woman initially and again now that she is in dire need. There is no doubt the 888-license plate we’d seen earlier in the day while driving to the trail and the 303 we’d seen in the parking lot that night were gifts from Leo. Nothing is random! We are eternally grateful for this Being of Compassion and Wisdom who came to us as our only child in his last human incarnation. He knows we have faith and trust in him as he has in us. We are grateful he has showered us with ongoing signs and synchronicities to share with all who need to know “Love never dies, and Life never ends”.

Faith, Trust, and Gratitude are all invisible, just like Leo is invisible to our human eyes now. But they can make what seems impossible possible.

May all beings be happy! May all beings be free from suffering!


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  1. Priyanka Shah
    March 22, 2023

    Wow !! How faith trust and gratitude go hand in hand ….loved each and every word..
    May your friend gets resolved of all the medical issues …
    Sending you love ❤️

    • Mabel
      March 22, 2023

      Thank you for your good wishes, Priyanka!
      Yes, trust, faith and gratitude are powerful.
      Love ❤️

  2. Sandy
    March 22, 2023

    My head is spinning from all of these lol amazing signs!! I love the blue herons of course… and we are sending many prayers of healing and comfort to your friend… ?????????
    Leo is wonderful not only with the signs, but his comfort and compassion help so many! Thank you Chan Family!! ???❤️

    • Sandy
      March 22, 2023

      That should be “amazing signs” – not sure how the lol got in there!! 🙂

      • Mabel
        March 22, 2023

        Dear Sandy, I love how the lol got in. LOL stands for lots of love ❤️ before I found out the conventional meaning. Leo continues helping with his Compassion and Wisdom for Humanity!
        I will let our friend know of all the prayers for healing. Many thanks and LOL ??

  3. Katrina
    March 22, 2023

    Faith, trust , and gratitude, is such a wonderful reminder ? all of Leo’s signs are so clear and I love the purple flowers! You have a beautiful way of writing that truly provides the emotion to captivate and enlighten! The sky looks so interesting, I can’t remember seeing a pattern like that, it feels like there is something there that I just can’t see!
    I’m sending love and healing prayers to your friend, I hope everything works out well for her!

    • Mabel
      March 22, 2023

      Thanks Katrina!
      I am grateful for the ongoing relationship with my son. I am honoured to be his Messenger of love and hope. ?? There are things not visible to the human eyes but they are present!!!
      Love to you and your family ❤️?❤️

  4. Earline Ahonima
    March 22, 2023

    Stunning, and in the happiest possible sense. I can picture Leo laughing and laughing while he sends you all of these signs. He is Joy and Light, and he knows that you will pass this on to all who read your writings. Thank you, Mabel, and thank you, Leo!

    • Mabel
      March 22, 2023

      You are absolutely correct, Earline! Leo must be speaking to you, hahaha! Joy and Light are his true nature. CK and I are grateful for his trust and faith in us as we are in him.. Love to you, dear friend! ?

  5. Perry
    March 25, 2023

    Oh my goodness Mabel. It’s too many signs to count! I love all the consecutive 303 numbers. And your Leo Leo numbers. Leo is really with you all the time. Much love ?♾?

    • Mabel
      March 25, 2023

      The signs are countless just as our love with our boys is infinite! That’s what Leo is showing us, Perry. Love to you and your Douglas! ?

  6. B
    March 26, 2023

    This truly is beautiful, Mabel. Your dear Leo loves to send you and CK signs because you are so very aware of them! Your keen awareness allows him to continuously show you he is always with you both. What a gift to us to read your lovely and inspiring stories.

  7. Mabel
    March 26, 2023

    Thank you, B! What an honour it is for us to share the abundance of signs with you. and others. Leo never stops working for the love of Humanity, and I will keep writing and sharing to honour him. Love to you and your family! ?

  8. Rhonda Andrews
    March 27, 2023

    Just amazing Mabel…. The way the signs just flow and connect. So grateful Leo was able to come to the aide of the young mother and her child. I guess we don’t always know when they intervene like that…… angels. I love your attention to to numbers. I am learning and will watch for those 888’s and 303’s. Leo seems to present them everywhere. Love the purple flower signs too. Thank you for sharing and always reminding us that love never goes away….., with us always.

    • Mabel
      March 27, 2023

      Thanks Rhonda! There is no end to the ways our children in Spirit communicate with us. Reece is so loved. Blessings to you and your family! ??

  9. Cora Pena
    April 14, 2023

    Faith, Trust and Gratitude capture the events in your article, Mabel. This is made possible through your awareness of the things happening around you with Leo’s divine guidance and presence. Your relationship with Leo is evidently characterized by faith and trust, preceded by gratitude. Leo will always be remembered for his love for others and his desire for their well-being. His love for his grandma has directed you to the best doctor possible for her. Also, he allowed you to meet with the young mother and her young child to save their lives at the perfect time. You patiently waited for them.

    • Mabel
      April 14, 2023

      Thanks Cora for your comments!
      People come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes we help them and other times we get help from them.
      There is no coincidence! This continues to happen in our lives.
      Sending you and yours love ❤️

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