Forever Friendships

After Leo’s sudden return to Spirit, we heard from those far and near about the palpable goodness of our son: how he gave someone a beautiful smile, an encouraging word, or took the time to be with one who was lonely. Leo was, and still is, a loyal and generous friend. He would not hesitate to show his concern and caring. Like his father, Leo never talked about the things he did for others. But when he was shown kindness, he would always reciprocate with the utmost gratitude.

Jean and CK, my husband, had once been volunteers at a local seniors centre, serving younger and active seniors. We became friends and have always kept in touch. We would meet once a year when a mutual friend came to visit us from overseas. Jean is an active senior herself, enjoying singing and travelling.

When we had our lunch reception after the planting of Leo’s Pine Tree by the lake eight years ago, Jean was one of those wonderful people who helped us organize lunch that day.

Years later, we ran into each other when CK and I had a ceremony at the same tree. Although Jean lives nearby, it is interesting that we had never happened upon her before. She ended up joining us for the ceremony.

That was Leo’s Rebirth Day ­– “Angel Day” as it is also called, and the only time we couldn’t travel to his tree in Victoria. The heavy snowfall and black ice made driving treacherous. We had decided to have our ceremony at his tree by the lake, which was the perfect decision – validated by the serendipitous encounter with our dear friend.

When Jean heard that my book was going to be published, she told me to let her know when she could get one. And I did.

She was so happy when she told me she had bought it on Amazon all by herself without asking her son for help. It was the first time she’d ever bought anything that way. She felt that Leo had guided her. Jean received the book in the mail within a week. All the other people I knew from Canada had waited about two weeks before getting their order. I was impressed that she read the book right away and called to give me her kind feedback. She said she believed in every word I wrote. She went to Leo’s tree by the lake to thank him for his assistance. On hearing that, I told her she would be receiving a sign from Leo to say, “Thank you.”

Shortly afterwards, I woke up to an email from her. It said, “Leo sure did not take too long to let me know!!! How wonderful!!! Thank you, Leo, for letting me know so quickly!!!”

In the message, she told me she had received a sign from Leo. She had gotten up at 2:30 in the morning and found her head lamp turned on. It’s the kind of light that you turn on by tapping.

She was sure it was off when she had gone to bed.

My son has always been well-mannered and grateful for what others do for him. I am so proud of him. He made Jean incredibly happy. He had heard everything I said to her and responded right away. Jean is a true, dear friend, and Leo was clearly showing her his appreciation.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

YC and CK have been friends for over half a century. They are almost like brothers, sharing similar values. Both are men of the highest integrity and honour. Over the decades, we all had our share of challenges in life. Although we have settled in different Canadian provinces and do not see each other often, we know that we are forever friends. He is a great example of the old saying: “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” He rose to the occasion when we found ourselves in times of adversity. His empathy and kindness for us were apparent when Leo, our only child, suddenly and unexpectedly left for the Spirit world.

During that devastating time, it felt like my heart and soul had left with Leo. Not only did his dad take great care of me but also the countless details that demanded our attention. CK and I were grateful that our good friend came to see us and gave us the boost that we needed. YC also offered to help with some of the co-ordination needed to set up the Leo Scholarship, which is now supporting a student every year at the University of Victoria. Good deeds will never be forgotten. Because UVic had offered Leo the four-year Scholarship of Excellence on his admission, we knew he would want other young people to be supported for higher education as well. After Leo’s transition, we made the Leo Chan scholarship our first task to honour him.

YC was one of the first to order “The Infinite Bond” and write a review after reading it. As soon as the paperback became available, he bought several copies to gift to his friends! He is promoting the book as he truly believes in the messages from Leo. He was like an uncle to Leo and always believed in our son, even when Leo told him as a little boy that he would one day be Prime Minister of Canada.

I knew in my heart that Leo, being the respectful young man he has always been, would thank this uncle in the most magical way.

Recently, CK and I had a phone conversation with YC. I asked him if he was aware of signs from Leo now that he had read the book. Without missing a beat, he responded, “Can it be a coincidence that soon after we had our last chat a few months ago, I got a Facebook friend request from “Leo Chan”!?

I couldn’t imagine a clearer sign from our son. Leo was paying his respects. “Uncle, this is Leo and I want to thank you for all you have done for my parents and to honour me.”  Leo gave him a deep bow of gratitude. “Let me be your friend, as well.”  We were thrilled to hear about this SnS, and most proud of our Leo. He is still the same brilliant young man with impeccable manners, just like what his professors had said.

Our personalities don’t change after we leave our bodies. Our Consciousness and real essence transcend physical death. Our love and bond with our son are infinite.

Not only is Leo communicating with us, but also with our friends. They are receiving the validation of Leo’s continuing existence and a greater reality out there. They know Leo is telling them, “Thank you for reading our book and supporting my Mom and Dad.”

CK and I are forever grateful to our true friends and our precious son, Leo.


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  1. Yin Chi Yip
    November 10, 2020

    Good to see you writing on the blog again Mabel! True friendship is very difficult to find indeed. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Facebook friend request from Leo. In fact, I couldn’t believe it at the time but it was true. I was and am still very thankful that he sent me a sign letting me know he was aware of what was going on in our physical world. Beautiful and touching writing as usual!

  2. Valerie Kwietniak
    November 10, 2020

    Mabel, I never physically knew Leo, but I know he helped me get through a difficult time. Since his transition, he has befriended many and we are so grateful💜
    The tree is so beautiful!
    Thank you for documenting and sharing all his SnS.💜🙏🏽

  3. Sandy Thorpe
    November 10, 2020

    Mabel, what wonderful friends and of course he gave them awesome SnS!! Thank you for sharing and I love the beautiful pictures on your blog! I am so grateful for the friendship of you, CK and Leo! xoxo

  4. Tracy Wilburn
    November 18, 2020

    Mabel, I am so grateful to Leo for orchestrating our friendship! He continues to create connections that reach out to countless souls, far and wide. I agree with Sandy’s comment: these photos are beautiful and inspiring.

  5. Chris Ridout
    November 21, 2020

    Beautiful blog post Mabel! As usual, I couldn’t just read a few sentences. You compel one to read to the end. Which I did. Lovely insights into friendship and our true selves. And I am further in awe of Leo.

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