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My Son’s Messages from Across the Veil
by Mabel Chan

“Mom, do you know our mother-and-son bond will never be broken?”

When 8-year-old Leo made this announcement, Mabel didn’t give it much thought at the time. Little did she know of the impact it would have on her life.

Eleven years later, Leo contracted bacterial meningitis and died suddenly while away at university. Mabel and her husband CK went into shock after losing their only child so unexpectedly. But almost immediately after his passing, Leo started sending messages confirming he was still with them in spirit, giving them the courage to carry on.

Compiled by his devoted mother, The Infinite Bond is an inspiring collection of Leo’s “signs and synchronicities,” his communications from across the veil. They are living proof that hope can be found in despair, light can be found in darkness, and the love between mother and son is an infinite bond that, indeed, can never be broken.

Author’s Bio

Mabel Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong when it was a British colony. She trained as a Clinical Social Worker in the U.S.A. She and her husband moved to Canada in the early 1980s, eventually settling in British Columbia.

As a young student, Mabel’s school curriculum included the study of ancient Chinese literature, the Bible, and the works of Shakespeare. She has traveled the world, learning to embrace all cultures, and she considers her son Leo to be her greatest teacher. She shares his messages with the wish that they will bring comfort, hope, and healing to those with loved ones across the veil.


“Did I mention Leo is an old soul? This book is not just the story of one impressive young man’s life. It is a primer for how to live life aligned with our True Nature. I won’t give away how one does this, other than to tell you Mabel shows us later in the book that the answer is encoded in Leo’s name, itself.

“Like the lingering scent of perfume that leaves one glancing upward as if to ask, ‘Was someone just here?’ sparkles of Leo’s bright light will stay with you long after you finish this book. And then, as you find yourself a bit more aware of the infinite bond we share with those who have passed, you have Leo and Mabel to thank.”

~ Excerpt from Foreword by Suzanne Giesemann, Author of Messages of Hope and Still Right Here

“As I travel this road to healing following my son’s passing at the Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet, I have often had the good fortune of forming close friendships with members of Helping Parents Heal. Mabel and CK Chan are just such friends, and I am grateful to have met them, first through correspondence and then in person. Thanks to Mabel, I feel that I know Leo personally, and I can’t wait to hug him someday.  Following Leo’s untimely passing from bacterial meningitis, Mabel and CK made it their life’s work to prevent other parents from enduring the same heartache. Mabel thus assured that the BC Legislature adopt the quadrivalent vaccine through her tireless work.

“Mabel’s inspiring work, ‘The Infinite Bond,’ is filled with divine ‘aha’ moments that speak to all of us as Shining Light Parents.  Leo continues to have a loving relationship with his parents from the other side, and I am confident that my two children in spirit, Morgan, and Chelsea, are close friends with Leo. Leo has repeatedly shown that he is Still Right Here and amazes his parents with his presence and the clever ways in which he communicates.  Reading this work will take you on a magical journey that started from the day Leo transitioned from this earthly plane. Through indisputable communication with their beloved son, Mabel and CK have realized that consciousness survives physical death, and they have thus been able to heal.  Thank you, Mabel, for the opportunity to get to know Leo even better through this beautiful work.”

~ Elizabeth Boisson, President and Co-Founder, Helping Parents Heal

“Mabel Chan’s book, The Infinite Bond, invites the reader to meet her beautiful son, Leo, who transitioned in 2012 of bacterial meningitis. And as amazing as her son was in the physical world, Leo continues to shine his compassionate light from the spirit world, as evidenced by the numerous and magical signs and synchronicities that Mabel shares throughout the book.

“My heart is full of the joy that is woven throughout these pages, as this book is truly a love story of devoted parents (Mabel and her husband CK) and the beautiful soul that is Leo. Though it was devastating for the Chans to ‘lose’ their son to this illness, they have taken it upon themselves (and with Leo’s guidance) to share the greater reality that life is indeed eternal.

“Whether you are already a believer in the infinite bond that we share with all of our loved ones, or if you are hoping and wanting to believe. . . The Infinite Bond is a joy to read and will uplift your heart! Thank you, Leo, and much love to Mabel and CK.”

~ Sandy Thorpe

“The Infinite Bond” is more than just memories from a bereaved mother. It is a dialogue between an enlightened mother and her transitioned son in spirit.  Her son, Leo uses “All That Is” to communicate his nearness and undying Love for his mother, father, and anyone else who wishes to communicate with him.  It is my prayer, you the reader will get to know Leo and allow him to teach you how to live a life of Love, Joy, and Peace.  May you be aware of the Love surrounding you right in this very moment. Thank you Leo.”

~ Valerie Kwietniak, Santa Fe, NM


“I can’t imagine a more appropriate title for this book.

“The author spends very little time talking about how her son died. Her focus lies not in the circumstances of his passing, but in the way her relationship with him continues even though he has left his physical body behind. Anyone reading this book already knows it is possible, or fervently prays that it is.

“It’s a different type of communication, to be sure, but the author’s joy and wonder over the infinite bond with her boy is inspiring and comforting. Highly recommended.”

~ Tracy Wilburn

“For anyone who has lost a close loved one, a child in particular, The Infinite Bond by Mabel Chan brings a great deal of hope and comfort through deeply challenging times. I met Mabel and CK when they were still in deep grief over the loss of their beautiful son, Leo, who everyone loved. I have witnessed their transformation through the magnificent relationship they have established with their beloved son, who guides and inspires them from across the veil, through the extraordinary experiences, signs and synchronicities, to a life of peace and joy through their suffering. I have witnessed first hand a number of these events which are absolutely authentic! I highly recommend this book.”

~ Peter Tongue