Angel Wings

CK and I were strolling down the Victoria harbour front the evening before Leo’s birthday, August 10th, when a friend called to tell me Lily had an emergency and needed to talk to me. She was far away in Asia, visiting her country of birth, and was in distress because her daughter was in the ICU here in Canada. I felt the shivers even though it was a warm summer’s night. Emily, Lily’s 22-year-old daughter, as I was told, had meningitis, the same infection that took Leo’s human life suddenly and unexpectedly almost 10 years ago.

We quickly walked back to the hotel so I could talk with Lily across the globe to get some clarification. I had to stay calm and collected to be able to help her. I had first met Lily at work, and like many of my clients, she has stayed in touch after my retirement. She is a gentle and hard-working woman who had overcome many challenges to settle here with her family in a new country on their immigrant journey.

The only thing I could hear as she cried with pain was, “It’s so cruel…” I felt chills down my spine knowing what the days and years ahead would be like for her.

Days later, Lily and her husband returned to Canada but had to be in quarantine and were unable to see their daughter for a while. I knew that Emily was waiting for them, and when we spoke on the phone again, I told her that her daughter could hear them even if she was in a coma. I had experienced the same surreal trauma with my own son and the scenes were flashing through my mind.

With the help of the doctor, Lily and her husband and their two other children were allowed to see Emily in the hospital before their quarantine was completed. It was one of the most painful decisions any parent ever has to make, to let their child go. There was no other option and surely the cruelest for any human being. How could I ever forget!! I still could not believe what I had said to prepare her for those final moments.

On the day of Emily’s funeral, her ashes were laid under a young cherry blossom tree. While we were driving to the cemetery, I asked Emily to please give her parents and siblings a sign. Knowing that her loved ones were so very deep in grief that they might not be aware, I asked that the sign be given to me so I could tell her mom. Simultaneously, I knew Leo was with me and I asked him to help Emily with my request. For a long time, I have been aware of the active role my compassionate son plays in supporting and teaching young people across the veil to communicate with their parents.

We were all lining up to pay our respects and each person placed a rose on the soil. As I finished and turned around, I walked towards the front facing the parking lot. And there it was, stunning in the sky! A huge pair of Angel wings, so clear that it couldn’t be missed.

We had seen feathers in the sky when we arrived.

They were beautiful but nothing like these Angel wings, which I knew was the sign from Leo and Emily. I was so thrilled and thanked them for answering my call.

When I speak of angels and angel wings, I do not mean them in a religious sense, but as a way of describing our children in the Spirit world.

It was the most beautiful weather on that autumn day. It would have been chilly if not for the warm sun shining throughout the ceremony. I walked back to give Lily the longest and tightest hug. I had shared earlier that Emily was right there with her, but shrouded in her sadness and pain, all Lily could see was darkness. How I understood that completely. I was – and am – certain that Emily is surrounded by Love and wants her mom and family to know that too.

I have stayed in touch with Lily since the funeral. I was there for her whenever she needed someone who could listen without trying to fix anything. She shared that I am the only one who doesn’t give her the usual platitudes, which hurt even more. Initially, she could hardly talk and just kept crying on the phone. Those who have never had a child/loved one die would never be able to understand how crying and grieving are so very necessary!

Leo knows well from his much higher perspective what I have gone through all these years, and he has continued to send me signs to reassure me of his divine presence and guidance. With all the lessons I have learned, I was aware that I had been placed in a position to support her on this difficult path.

On the day of the Winter Solstice, I saw Angel wings in my mind’s eye before I was awake. That afternoon, I called Lily and she told me she was visiting her daughter at the cemetery. I reminded her that her precious Emily was not in the ground but right there with her wherever she goes. I also mentioned the picture of the Angel wings I had sent her. Both she and her other daughter recognized that for what it represents.

While we were still talking, she sent me a picture and asked me for my thoughts.

The picture shows Emily looking like an angel with huge wings. She is no longer the scrawny, timid girl I met when she was in high school. She looks beautiful and happy, making the heart sign with her arms and hands.

The words came out of my mouth naturally and unprocessed. “She left this for you. She wants you to remember her the way she looks in the picture, happy, healthy, and beautiful.” Lily then told me the picture was taken when Emily was visiting her country of birth and enjoying herself so much, she gained weight.

Lily said she used to hate this picture because it was taken only three months before Emily exited. She thought it was not a good omen. I shared that I loved the picture and that it is to be cherished, that she could look at it every day knowing that Emily is surrounding her with love.

Was it a premonition? The three Chinese characters right above her head in the picture translate into “Going over there/ Going to the other side.” I will always remember one of the special pictures of Leo taken just two weeks before he returned to the Light. It gives a very similar and subtle message.

Their Souls knew!

A sudden surge of Love and Peace came over me as I was sharing my thoughts with Lily. I thanked Leo, my son, for his compassion and loving guidance, and Emily for reminding her mom to send me the picture. These days are very difficult for Lily who finds even breathing painful. Like all grieving parents, she wants her child to be here with her and not somewhere else where she can’t touch and hug her. Missing the physical can be unbearable.

PS. I have since found out that Emily did not pass due to contracting meningitis but because of another fatal bacterial infection that damaged her heart and took her precious young life.

Angel Numbers 444 and…

I see Angel numbers every day. I love every one of them. I was thrilled to see 11:11 popping up on my phone on 1/1 this new year.

444 is another one that appears to me often. It is heartwarming to know it is a special gift from my Angel when I received 444 on my recent birthday.

This is what I found on the Internet:

Every year, 12/12 is designated as the Worldwide Candle Lighting Day.

I have been participating in this meaningful event for a number of years to honour my son and all those across the veil. I had to include a picture to go with the post on Helping Parents Heal. I am a member of HPH, which is an amazing supportive community for all parents/families who have a child/children in the Spirit World.

It took my breath away when I saw that the screenshot was taken on my phone at exactly 4.44.44. Once again, there is no coincidence!

I know that it was Leo and all our children thanking me for the Light. Instead of “grieving parents”, we actually call ourselves “Shining Light Parents” in HPH because our children shine their Light through us!

Our precious children who have returned to the Spirit world are now without the limitations of the human body. They are Free and they can fly. They are like Angels with their wings. Wherever they are, they are always connected to us by the most powerful force in the Universe, that is Love!

I always feel Leo with me and his Dad, and we know he is our Guardian Angel. As I am finishing writing this blog post, I can hear my precious son saying to me and all the other Shining Light Parents, “We are Angels at your side. Be an Angel to those who need you.”


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  1. paola leslie
    January 7, 2022

    How beautiful and emotional is this post blog dear Mabel. Emily’s story and the picture with her Angel’s wings are amazing signs that beautiful Emily soul knew that she was going to exit this world soon. How precious must be this sign for Emily’s mom and all her family. Leo is guiding beautiful Emily on her transition in a higher vibration dimension, and you are guiding Emily’s mom and her family with their suffering of losing Emily in this physical world. I love the 4444 sign that Leo gave to you on the candle lighting day. Beautiful Leo telling you that you are doing an amazing job on helping others in this earth. Love you Mabel

    • Mabel
      January 9, 2022

      Thanks for your kind comments, Paola!
      Our souls know. ❤️

  2. Perry McClew
    January 8, 2022

    Oh my goodness Mabel. What a stunning blog. Thank you for encouraging us. Thank you for finding your strength and purpose and for helping us on this journey💜

    • Mabel
      January 9, 2022

      Thanks for your kind words, Perry!
      We are all walking each other home. ❤️

  3. Earline Ahonima
    January 9, 2022

    Absolutely beautiful! Reading your post was like watching the golden sun rise over the clouds. That’s Leo, of course–that brilliant golden light. I’m so grateful that you are his messenger!

    • Mabel
      January 9, 2022

      Beautiful image that will stay with me!
      Thanks, dear friend, for appreciating our golden Light! Such fun and love ❤️

  4. Cora Pena
    January 10, 2022

    What a lovely picture of Emily. She is such a beautiful angel. The angel with wings in the sky is truly her. You are so blessed and gifted Mable to be able to connect these dots in your blog. Thanks to Leo for his loving presence and guidance to all.

    • Mabel
      January 12, 2022

      We have much to be grateful for.
      Leo’s Compassion is still making a difference in people’s lives.
      Let us continue to honour him! 🙏🙏

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