Magic Moments… DAD

Leo our beloved son is most respectful of his Dad, his role model of kindness, generosity, humour, and integrity. When our first peony came into full bloom on the first day of June – CK’s birth month – I knew it was one among many of the gifts Leo would be giving to his father, whom he adores. This exquisite pink beauty has grown from a pinhead size and blossomed fully with CK’s tender loving care.

It reminds me of the magic moments we always have around CK’s birthday.

After I had taken pictures of the blossoming peony, Leo validated my knowing with an “810” on my phone, one of his Calling Codes for us.

Then, true to Leo style, he followed up with other stunning signs.

As we were driving into the bank’s parking lot for our appointment, LEO 28D appeared.

I hadn’t taken a picture of the LEO 28S plate we had seen earlier. It was remarkable to see the rainbow ring around the brilliant sun the moment I got out of the car. The first time we saw this image was at Leo’s tree. I was told this is a symbol for Oneness/God.

Before entering the bank, I couldn’t have missed the “BC 999D” plate on the car nearby.

Nine is CK’s special number as he is number 9 in his family. We have seen many LEO 99 plates and even LEO 999!

Leo made it clear when later in the afternoon he gave us “303” on a truck, another of his Calling Codes. He was saying, “MOM, my love and gratitude to you and Dad!”

We also keep receiving 333, another Angel number that has become a favourite Calling Code. Naturally, it adds up to 9, Dad’s number! So, it wasn’t surprising when we saw the 333 on the car’s plate and on my phone.

These affirming SnS all happened within three hours!

A few days later, we were finishing our hike on the hills and CK was reassuring me of our family reunion with Leo when I brought up the subject.

It is always perfect timing. We were only steps away from our car when CK said, “Look!” A blue car was backing out from the parking stall and it had the license plate: LEO 13G. I managed to snap a picture in time.  Leo knows I love validations from him and gave me an instantaneous response about our best family reunion. “Mom, listen to Dad, he’s right.”

In just moments, I heard CK saying again, “Look!”

I saw the 810-license plate on the car just a few feet away from where we were parked. 810 was the first sign he’d given me that morning on my phone. The message from Leo is loud and clear.” “Don’t ever doubt about our reunion!”

The next day, we made an unplanned visit to the quaint little town we have always loved to visit but haven’t been to for a while. I was confident Leo would be there with us and that we would enjoy a family outing together. After parking our car, we walked to the main street and I was looking at the rainbow-coloured crosswalk when CK pointed to a parked car with the license plate: “V8 Dad.”

It was on June 8th. “Dad, you are the best!” We have an Infinite Bond!”

Instead of returning to the same restaurant, I agreed with CK to try one we have always walked by but never entered. While waiting for a table, we walked to one of our favourite shops, one that is more like a mini art gallery with works of art produced by local artists and artisans. We always enjoy looking at the art pieces and appreciate their energy. We knew that we would return after lunch.

I knew magic was in the air when I found that the restaurant’s Wifi password had numbers similar to those Leo has given us in the past. He had created our email address and the password when he was 8 or 9 years old.

Our server, a slim young lady was amicable, and I felt very comfortable showing her Leo’s picture. Until CK pointed it out, I could not have known that she had “222” tattooed on her left forearm. He knew that on the way to the town, I had snapped a picture of the 222 license plate in front of us.

I was most appreciative when I saw the three forks she brought when she served us our dessert. We love sharing everything with our son who is with us wherever we go. The food was of a high quality, and we knew we would be back as we enjoyed the positive energy of the people there as well.

CK insisted that he would buy me a gift for our upcoming wedding anniversary. We both love things made of natural wood and we returned to the shop with all the beautiful artwork. We left with a weighty jewelry box made of local red maple wood and the artist was from Vancouver Island. It was interesting watching how the sales lady wrapped it up with protective paper and such loving care.

On the way home, we were delighted but not astonished when we saw the red car in front of us with the “MC333” plate. M and C are my initials. Leo was pleased we found the jewelry box and was confirming that he was going home with us!

I am ready for the irrefutable signs and synchronicities that are always so comforting and reassuring. What came up next on the June 9th was the most astounding.

I’d found the perfect spot for the box where it would be in harmony with other items in our room. I could hardly believe what popped up when I sat the box down and saw it from one side. A heart!

It was part of the wood and not painted on. It looked familiar. And then I realized the image was almost identical to the “purple heart” in my room. It is a heart-shaped cloud in the sky and it’s also on its side!  A few years ago, when my friend Lisa saw it thousands of miles away, she knew it was for me from Leo. She tried to make the heart stand up in the picture, but heard: “Leave the heart on its side”.

It was a most amazing story in itself, and as a result, I had written a chapter named “The Purple Heart” in my book inspired by Leo, “The Infinite Bond, My Son’s Messages from across the Veil.” There was a lot more than just the heart!

At the shop, CK had picked out a few boxes for me to look at. Each of them was unique and beautiful, hand crafted by the artist with local wood. It didn’t take us long to make a decision.

Leo had sent us hearts in many creative ways before and this is another example of his Wisdom and Compassion. He had guided CK to the jewelry box with the heart on its side, but neither of us saw it until after we brought it home. It was the most delightful surprise for us. Our unconditional love with our beloved Leo transcends time and space. We have an unbreakable Bond with each other.

These Magic Moments evoke awe and wonder. Leo delivers gifts and blessings to us in mysterious ways that defy logic. They cannot be created or understood by the human mind. Words are never sufficient to express the gratitude and love we have in our hearts for Spirit, our dearest son. I miss him all the more! CK and I know we are experiencing these moments of love, hope, and joy because we are forever bonded with our compassionate Leo.

“Love never dies and Life never ends” is a crystal clear message he wants us to spread.

What I am sharing is a sample of the Magic Moments we’ve had since June 1st, 2022. We continue to experience them every single day and I could only highlight some of them here. It’s Father’s Day this Sunday,  June 19th.  I was awake at 4:44 am this morning and given the message that this is a tribute to Dad and to honour all the fathers who have children on the other side.

“I love you, Dad!” ❤️❤️❤️



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  1. Perry
    June 16, 2022

    Thank you Mabel, CK and most of all Leo! The dedication that Leo has in getting his messages across to his parents is phenomenal. I particularly love the heart box and picture. The waitress 222s and the three forks is also quite special. This is a very special blog for the fathers out there and the mothers who have been both mother and father to their children. We are not separated by leaving the physical. Our perceptions can be adjusted to see more clearly. Thank you to Leo for guiding us and to Mabel for bringing for the information given to her and CK.

  2. Mabel
    June 16, 2022

    Thanks, Perry, for your thoughtful comments!
    How true that this is also a tribute to the mothers who take on the roles of mom and dad! ??
    Leo’s love and dedication in gifting us the signs to share are blessings. So very grateful!
    Lots of love ❤️?❤️

  3. Paola leslie
    June 16, 2022

    Just amazing SnS from Leo! I love the heart on the jewelry box! Amazing gift from Leo! Beautiful blog to honor all the fathers that have children in Heaven! Thank you Mabel for being the messenger and thank you Leo! Sending lots of love to you and CK! Happy Father’s Day to CK!

  4. Mabel
    June 16, 2022

    Thanks Paola!
    We love the heart and the Magic moments. All the Love from Compassionate Leo! ?❤️?

  5. Cora Pena
    June 17, 2022

    These are really Magic Moments starting from the peony and all the other events to honour you Mabel and CK with Leo’s loving presence. The rainbow ring around the sun is so mystical, The 99 is so expressive of Leo’s love and care for his Dad. How can one explain how the heart in the jewelry box matched with the purple heart image. Truly, “Love never dies and life never ends” . This is what all these moments are about.

    • Mabel
      June 17, 2022

      Thanks, Cora, for your comments!
      These precious experiences are Magic Moments because they defy logic. They are gifts from the Divine and cannot be produced by humans. CK and I are forever grateful to our beloved Leo for the ongoing relationship we have with him and the love he showers upon us. ?❤️?

  6. Katrina
    June 17, 2022

    I absolutely love how you are able to evoke so much feeling in how you write Mabel, it makes me feel as if I’m right there sharing in these wonderful signs with you and CK! I am in awe of how you were led to try the new restaurant after taking the picture of the 222 license plate and then met that lady! It’s like you were being told you were where you were supposed to be. And that maple box is so special with the heart! Thank you for sharing such an inspirational and love filled post!

    • Mabel
      June 17, 2022

      Thanks, Katrina, for your comments!

      It’s all from the place of Love! Whenever I write, I follow my heart and let myself be inspired by my loving son. Leo knows what needs to be shared.

      Love to you and your family! ?❤️?

  7. Yin Chi Yip
    June 18, 2022

    Leo has always been a wonderful and respectful son to his parents. Giving both of you all these signs lately close to Fathers’ Day shows how he truly loves and respects both of you and wants to reassure both of you that would never change. I really feel happy for both of you having such a fantastic son!

    • Mabel
      June 19, 2022

      Thanks,Yin Chi, for your response and comments!
      Leo’s reassurance of his Love and Presence with us is a most precious gift for me and CK. It is Magical as we feel his loving and fun self at our side.

      Our very best wishes to you on Father’s Day and everyday! ?❤️?

  8. Cora Pena
    June 19, 2022

    Happy Father’s Day to the great Dad to Leo and the great husband to Mabel, CK. You’ve also been a great friend. I wish you blessings of good health and long life.

    • Mabel
      June 19, 2022

      Thanks, Cora for your kind words and we’ll wishing!
      We send you and yours love and best wishes for good health! ?❤️?

  9. Donna
    June 19, 2022

    Thank you for sharing all of Leo’s wonderful signs!

    • Mabel
      June 19, 2022

      Thanks for your comment, Donna!
      It’s a joy to share Leo’s messages of love and hope..

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