Our Family Vacation

“I am on a family vacation with my parents…”

I remember Leo saying that on the phone after we arrived at our destination on Canada’s east coast. As a very responsible young man, our son had given advance notice to his supervisor at the aquatic centre about taking leave from his summer job. They knew he was hard working and always willing to help others out by taking on Friday evening and weekend shifts.

More important than anything else, our son has always cherished the time we spend together as a family. Since Leo’s Re-birth, CK and I are aware that he is with us on every trip we take, near or far from home. He validates his presence with us in every possible way.

“A picture speaks a thousand words,” as the saying goes. Here are the photos I was guided to take during those few days around Leo’s birthday this summer in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. We hope you feel the love, beauty, and joy we experienced on this, as Leo calls it,  “family vacation.”

As soon as we hit the road, the meaningful numbers began to appear, showing us Leo was with us while we drove to the ferry terminal. We were approaching the terminal when a car with the Angel number 888, also Leo’s Calling Code, showed up in front.

Within minutes, we parked and got out of the car to go for a walk as it would be another hour to board the ferry. It was the busiest time of the year and there were hundreds of cars.

“Look!” CK pointed to a parked car with a 303 plate as we walked through the lines. “303” for MOM as our son likes to show us.

“Mom, I am always happy to go on our family vacation with you and Dad”.

The morning of 8/10 at Finnerty Gardens

It was a pleasant surprise the moment we saw Leo’s young and healthy tree with the lush green foliage. It was decorated with Forget-Me-Nots, giving the air of joyful festivity.

Our horticulturalist friend soon arrived, and we thanked him for the kind gesture. He had gathered some of the colourful hydrangea flowers that had fallen from plants around the garden and hung them on the tree, knowing that we were coming to celebrate Leo’s birthday.

He shared that there was a group of young children nearby for their summer camp and was concerned that we might be disturbed. We gladly told him we would not mind the sounds of children in the background.

We were just done with the sacred ceremony when suddenly a young woman appeared wearing a T shirt that identified her as the camp staff. She said, “Leo would like to say hello.” We weren’t sure what to expect until she brought over a young boy along with other kids.

We were so thrilled to meet little Leo, a cute seven-year-old boy right there at our Leo’s tree on his birthday. What a gift it was to see him.

A little later, all the other young children came over to tell us their names! They will never know what it meant to me and CK to have met them on 810. Leo loves to bring people together at his Trees and he brought the children with all their purity and innocence.

That evening, we went to dinner with Leo’s friend who is living in Victoria. We were in the busy downtown area and eventually found a parking spot further away from the restaurant. None of us was really shocked, but we were still ecstatic to see “LEO” on the plate of a parked car in front of us while we were walking. We couldn’t have missed it and our precious son said, “Take note of this.”

I took a mental note of the “LEO 49X” plate. It only became clear later that my son was gifting a number of signs and messages for other moms.

The night before we returned home, we tried three different restaurants but didn’t eat at any of them. The one at our hotel was closed, the other two we drove to were too booked to take anymore reservations. So, I suggested buying our favourite vegetarian pizza at a well tried out pizza joint.

The waiting time was 20 minutes and we decided to walk to the waterfront, knowing the round trip would take about 15 minutes.

It was a beautiful evening with comfortable weather for being outdoors. As we looked around, I was captivated by the layers of light with rainbow colours in the sky.

I was trying to take pictures and suddenly heard a commotion and saw people running in my direction.

Then I heard CK say, “Orcas!” I looked out to the sea and was enthralled by what was happening in front of our eyes. These magnificent creatures were performing for us in the waters. Locals were saying they had never seen orcas come so close to the shoreline. How fascinating! Thankful to have taken some short videos for record.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad, for all that you are doing for me! It has been a wonderful birthday with you. Have you enjoyed the orcas show?”

Our loving son never forgets what we taught him about respect and gratitude.

We could hardly sleep with all the excitement, knowing our son was so close to us. We were relaxing on the balcony of our hotel room watching the red and gold, pink and orange hues blending in the night sky. It was even more exhilarating when we saw Leo signing his name with the “L” on the sky for us!

A picture I had taken “at random” in front of the BC Museum finally made sense to me. It was during our afternoon walk along the Inner Harbour. I found it interesting that those two adult Canadian Geese were standing right there like they were waiting to get tickets. I could never have guessed the big sign board behind them served as a heads-up for what was to come later that evening!  “ORCAS” and “JOIN THE POD.”

It was a warm afternoon and to avoid the blazing sun, I suggested that we take a longer route back to the hotel. Little did we know that we would end up at the 810 hotel where we were led a few years ago.

It felt relaxing to see the familiar red, golden, and orange carps swimming in the pools.

We are quite used to seeing Angel Numbers and Calling Codes around us as those are ways Leo shows his nearness. I pay special attention when similar signs appear in succession within minutes, like the “777” on the building and the convertible.

And “IOU DAD”! I can see our son saying that with his arms around his dad. Always the grateful son!

The following morning, we were lining up in the ferry terminal to return home. We were certain Leo was there with us when we saw the licence plate “808 RANGER”.

Our son formed a musical band with his resident friends the first semester he was at the University, and they called themselves the “Park Rangers” as they lived in the Park Residence. Leo then confirmed it was him with the 888 plate we saw further up the line.

For affirmation, he gave us another 808 licence plate when we were within minutes of arriving home. “Of course I am coming home with you, Mom and Dad. We love each other!”

808, the eighth day of August is named the Lion’s Gate Portal. I had chosen to post my last blog post, “The Enchanting 810” on that day before we left for Victoria. It was another SnS validation from Leo when the 808 appeared repeatedly on this family trip. It was all divinely orchestrated. Thank you, Son!

Could you believe that we were even assigned “Room 808” when we checked into our hotel on 8/9? I have no words, but offer my deepest bow of gratitude to our Compassionate Son.

We enjoy our family trips and vacations with you, our precious Leo!


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  1. Perry
    September 9, 2021

    So amazing Mabel. It’s almost overwhelming the evidence that Leo is providing that he is with you 💖♾💖

    • Mabel
      September 11, 2021

      The preponderance of evidence is impressive, Perry!
      Thanks! ❤️

  2. Amy Arnold
    September 9, 2021


    • Mabel
      September 11, 2021

      Thanks Amy! ❤️

  3. zia
    September 10, 2021

    And even little Leo shows up! Love the picture xo

    • Mabel
      September 11, 2021

      Yes! Leo brought all the beautiful children to his magical Tree on his birthday. And especially Little Leo!
      Thanks Zia! ❤️

  4. paola Leslie
    September 10, 2021

    That’s so beautiful Mabel! Leo gave to you guys so many signs for his birthday! The orca’s show is just amazing! Thank you for sharing Leo’s magic with all of us! Thank you Leo! There must have been an amazing party for your Birthday in Heaven! I’m so happy that you and Nicolas are best buddies! Lots of love and light!

    • Mabel
      September 11, 2021

      CPNT 222 ! Leo always shows his gratitude!
      Thank you for the beautiful crystal heart you placed in the Hawaiian waters on Leo’s birthday!

      Paola, we are so grateful for our boys connecting us.
      We love Leo and Nick! 💛💛💛

  5. Katrina
    September 10, 2021

    What a love filled birthday 🥰 seeing the three orcas together moves me! And the L written in the sky is such a beautiful gift 💖

    • Mabel
      September 11, 2021

      Oh how I love your mentioning those two heartwarming SnS from our Leo! They are all stunning signs and Love filled. Thanks Katrina! ❤️

  6. Yin Chi Yip
    September 11, 2021

    It has been a few years since I last visited Leo’s tree. It has grown much taller and much more beautiful! Signs were every where to validate that he was with both of you all the time during your trip. Amazing as usual! Thank you for keeping up with your inspiring blogging!

  7. Mabel
    September 13, 2021

    Thanks for your kind words, dear friend!
    We look forward to seeing you at Leo’s beautiful Tree again.
    Blessings! 🙏💛🙏

  8. Chris Ridout
    September 14, 2021

    Amazing and yet not. Your communication with Leo confirms what I believe about Life, Love and the Importance of being Aware of the World around us. Thank you Mabel! (and CK of course!)

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