In Deep Gratitude

I recall the day like it was yesterday. We parked outside a restaurant in the middle of Stanley Park in Vancouver. We waited outside while the table was set up for us. It was a cold winter day, but we enjoyed the scenic view. Leo, who was right beside me, ran over to a huge rock and leapt up onto it. He was so fast, it felt like he’d flown up there.

“Mom, come up, come up here!” I did entertain the idea but knew I didn’t have his agility and strength to do so. I couldn’t let my pants burst at the seams just before my birthday lunch!  Leo handed his cell phone to me and I took a picture for him. He was holding a beautifully-wrapped gift for me in one hand and pointing up to the sky with the other. It is a most cherished and precious picture.

That was nine years ago, and the last time we had a family outing in the physical. Two weeks after my birthday, away from home, Leo, our only child went into an induced coma when he was in the ICU of the hospital where he eventually exited this human world. He courageously held on for five days so his dad and I could come to the most painful decision any parent had to make — giving our beloved son permission to leave.

I never wanted to have another birthday after that. I would be apprehensive weeks before December 30th, hoping I could somehow avoid the day.

A Pleasant Surprise

Exactly a week before my birthday this year, something magical happened.

I had been thinking of getting a new orchid plant to replenish the ones that are resting. But then a young friend about Leo’s age sent me beautiful purple orchids for my birthday!!!  She is living in the US and asked her mom, who lives here, to give me the gift. Rox was so thoughtful and generous gifting me with my favourite flowers, but I don’t recall ever telling her about my birthdate nor about the orchids. It then came to me clearly: Leo had planted the thought in her mind!

“Happy birthday, Mom! I always want you to be happy and to enjoy life with Dad.”

With the flowers in our car, CK drove us to one of Leo’s favourite restaurants. A car with an 888-license plate was parked at the door!

CK then pointed to another 888 car across from us, another confirmation of Leo’s Presence.

We call these the “calling codes” and I have written a chapter about them in our book, “The Infinite Bond

It is magical when our beloved son sends us stunning signs in quick succession. We took a walk to Leo’s tree after lunch and ‘303’ showed up on the car panel as we were driving home.

“MOM, I know you miss me and how difficult it is during this time of the year. I am here for you and my precious Dad.”

On arriving home, I placed the orchids near the windows. It was in the late afternoon and would usually be dark. I didn’t expect the golden light to suddenly stream in, illuminating the flowers. For me, it was another awe-struck moment!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the appearance of ‘810’, another significant calling code, both that morning and evening when I checked my cell phone. CK and I are grateful for the daily “hello” and “I am right here, Mom and Dad.” It is just like our respectful and considerate son to greet us in this way.

We will never take it for granted, these meaningful numbers showing up every day and everywhere for us. They can even be right next to each other or in front of one another. If I can’t take a picture of it when it happens, it shows up again so I can. On Christmas eve, we were driving into a parking lot and saw 888 on the license plate of the car approaching us.

I was actually talking to our son and didn’t have the phone ready. Within minutes, we found ourselves parked next to a car with an 888-license plate

and behind us was another one. Thrice, within minutes. We love the preponderance of validations from Leo.

We have had a new relationship with our son since his transition to the Spirit world. There have been innumerable SnS (signs and synchronicities). Leo communicates with us daily using the language of signs. I consider every sign to be a Miracle. I want to highlight some of the latest gifts of Miracles always appearing in perfect timing. Thanks to technology, I have captured them through pictures..

The Family Interview

When Suzanne Giesemann, the well-known evidential Medium and Mystic, spiritual teacher and author invited us to talk on her radio show, I said, “The whole family will be there.” Minutes before the interview began, I was chatting with Suzanne and saying, “Leo will be joining us.”

“He is here already,” Suzanne responded. Leo is always punctual and even early, which is something his dad taught him. “He said this is another feather in your hat. And he is showing me a fedora.”

I had almost forgotten I had a fedora sitting right next to me in my room! Suzanne couldn’t have known. As for the feather, CK chimed in: “I have three feathers in my car.” We know they are all gifts from Leo.

Our son told Suzanne about dental issues with Dad. Actually, both of us have had those issues and CK’s appointment is coming up soon. Leo’s energy was palpable throughout the interview and I was on cloud nine all day and night. He gave astounding evidence that he can be with us at home, in the car, and during interviews like this one. I was grateful when so many moms shared with me afterwards that they were inspired.

Leo is supporting us every step of the way. The manifestation of “The Infinite Bond”, a book inspired by Leo, is a perfect example of his Compassion and Divine timing. It could not have come into the world at a more appropriate time, when there is so much turmoil and suffering, and when hope and healing are needed everywhere.

LEO Everywhere

In my recent blog post “Miracles and Messages,” I documented the six times our son gave us car license plates with his name LEO. Since then he has added two more to our collection, making it a total of eight to date.

CK was driving us to meet our talented yoga teacher, also a musician. His new CD has just been released and we wanted to get one. He had bought the Kindle version of our book and was now supporting us by buying the paperback version. It had been a while since we had driven to this coffee shop. For some reason, CK entered the parking lot from a different lane than usual. Just as we were turning in, we both saw the name ‘LEO’ on a license plate. It was a black Lexus with the “L” logo that can also stand for Leo! I knew almost instantly this was our son’s way of saying: “Thank you for promoting the messages of Hope and Love.”

Chris had named his new CD “Wilder” and included a message about Spiritual transformation in the leaflet within. It is no coincidence that the Lexus appeared in the right place at the right time. Both Leo and Chris are musicians, and perfect timing is most crucial for good musicians!

Just a week later, we were walking through a small parking area into a shopping mall. I had barely finished talking with Leo about our infinite bond when suddenly I saw CK pointing at a car ahead.

“LEO!” It was a white car this time, and again I heard: “Mom, I hear everything you are saying to me. Keep talking, I love it.”

I am grateful to all the supportive people we have been connected to, like Suzanne. Through her writing, I found Helping Parents Heal (HPH), a safe place where parents like us can share about our kids and the signs we receive. Thanks to Elizabeth Boisson and all the others at HPH, we have a community to support each other on our journey when others have no clue of what we are going through. I know I am not alone when I connect with these parents across the globe on the Internet. Many of us have become good friends.

Sharing Leo’s picture with HPH on Candle Lighting Day

Moving forward on this journey is no easy endeavour. It takes time and patience, a lot of self-care, and support. But it can be done, one step at a time. Healing is not forgetting. For me, it is having more Peace than pain, the Peace that passes all understanding. It is about honouring my son. I have Peace in knowing that Leo is very alive and active, serving Humanity with his Compassion and Wisdom.

With all of life’s trials and tribulations, I have to count my blessings rather than chase after what I cannot have. Gratitude gives me hope with no place for despair. I am most honoured to be Leo’s mother and grateful for our infinite bond, and the unwavering love he has for me and his father.

I am grateful for countless things and to countless Beings. My deepest bow to our beloved Son, the Celestial Angels and Earth Angels I have been blessed with!


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  1. Donna
    December 29, 2020

    Beautiful validations. We can be sure Leo has something very special in store for you tomorrow. Happy birthday. Much love you you!

  2. Tracy Wilburn
    December 29, 2020

    My goodness, Mabel . . . so much to love in this blog post! In addition to all of these incredible SnS, I particularly love your gentle reminder that “healing is not forgetting.”
    And you are spot-on in describing what it takes to move forward through grief: time, patience, a lot of self-care, and support. Leo has made it his mission to provide the support for anyone who needs it — by working with you to reach as many hearts as possible. Personally, I bless the day that you came into this world, dear friend. Happy Birthday!

  3. Jody
    December 29, 2020

    Mabel, once again, Leo does not let you down. So thoughtful of him to remember your birthday with a beautiful orchid. Something he would give to you directly, but managed to get this to you in time for tomorrow. It is an amazing story and he continues to leave his signature with Leo license plates and numerical messages. He goes to great lengths to orchestrate this for his most precious mother, wanting you to know how much he loves you and is with you always, especially on your birthday. Cannot think of a more perfect gift. Happy Birthday, Mabel

  4. Rosanne Norris
    December 30, 2020

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful validations. I love how you said that healing is having more peace than pain. I couldn’t agree more.
    Bless you!

  5. Chris Ridout
    December 31, 2020

    In the back of my mind, and the more I read about this wonderful young man, I do believe he is already back and doing even more impressive work here. Beautiful writing and keen observations Mabel! You rock!
    Chris (the musician you just mentioned)

  6. Yin Chi Yip
    December 31, 2020

    It is good to know that Leo has been constantly connecting with you and CK with various mediums. His message of Hope and Love is getting louder and louder and reaching farther and farther, far beyond his family, reaching and inspiring people across the globe. Amazing!!!

  7. Chris Ridout
    December 31, 2020

    …and a Belated Happy Birthday!

  8. Michelle Assoian
    December 31, 2020

    Happy birthday Mabel. I love reading about your signs from Leo. When Alex passed I began to find guitar picks everywhere. On walks I’d find one near the curb. Downtown I’d find one under my foot or just in front of me waiting for the light to change. I have found over a dozen, including on my front lawn. Alex is a musician and continues to use music to get my attention. My itunes comes on by itself or Pandora will stop and I hear words I can’t quite make out but sound like his distinctive voice. We are so blessed to know our children are around us and that we continue to have a loving relationship. May 2021 bring us closer to understanding the whys and enjoying the why nots. xo

    • Mabel
      January 3, 2021

      Thank you, Michelle, for your comments! It’s the best feeling when we ‘hear’ from our kids and know they are closer to us than ever. I would love to hear about your Alex if you get this response. I love hearing that like Leo, your son is also a musician.
      Love and Light to you and Alex!

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