It is well known that my son Leo loves to bring people together. His friends remember him for being kind, inclusive, and for helping those in need. He is still doing it across dimensions and his reach is now limitless. My husband CK and I are keenly aware that Leo is constantly connecting us with people who are helpful to us and/or those we can be of help to. We have made a lot of new friends who started out as total strangers. Over the internet, I have met a good number of moms and dads around the world through Helping Parents Heal – a community of parents and families with children in the Spirit World. We realize that our children across the veil are friends with each other and they have connected us. Some of us have developed friendships as well and I am grateful for the support we are able to give each other.

Over the years, CK and I have become aware of some fascinating encounters with people who are LEOs.

On Leo’s birthday a few months ago in August, he introduced us to a little boy with a similar name at his sacred Tree in Victoria. It was among one of the most stunning Signs and Synchronicities. Leo gave us that special day validating his Presence. We knew it was a gift from our beloved son when the cute seven-year-old Leo showed up after the sacred ceremony.

It ended up that Little Leo and the whole group of precious children came to join us in celebrating Leo’s birthday! Leo loves for us to have fun and joy. It was an absolute and delightful surprise. The details are shared in my blog post, “Our Family Vacation.”

This might sound incredible to others who have never had these magical experiences. I don’t take them for granted and always know that Leo wants me to share and affirm “Love never dies, and Life never ends.”


A number of years after Leo’s return to the Light, I was thrilled to hear from one of his friends that her first born is a boy named LEO.

She is the beautiful girl who played the piano at the Celebration of Life for our son here in our hometown. I knew that she later went to Europe to study classical music. This young woman has since returned to Canada to teach music. She shared that Leo is the only name that would work in both Korean and Spanish. How interesting! She and her husband are from those ancestries. Her kindness touched my heart deeply when she messaged me to say “Happy Mother’s Day” one year. It was a most precious gift from her and my Leo.

As if one is not enough, it became known to me there is an “International Bereaved Mother’s Day,” which is the first Sunday in May, just a week before the regular one. So, I have to get through two Mother’s Days each year without my son’s physical presence.

My Compassionate son is fully aware of the sadness these special days bring. He has been giving me and his dad signs and messages to comfort us during the challenging times.

CK and I were at Leo’s tree by the lake on that first Sunday of May last year. He was trimming the overgrown grass on the plaque under the healthy young Pine tree. It was there and then that we met a family with a two-year-old boy and a baby. When the dad saw our son’s name on the plaque, he said pointing to his son, “He is Leo.” There is no coincidence we met that poignant day. We shared with them what had happened to our Leo and how all Grade 9 students in British Columbia, Canada are now vaccinated against the fatal bacterial meningitis. We will never stop raising awareness of what took our son’s human life and how other children can be protected. I remember wishing the young kids a long and healthy life as they walked away.

I can hear our Leo saying, “We are still Family, Mom and Dad.” We sure are and always will be.

Leo validated what I heard by sending us our feathered friend, a trusted messenger, the hummingbird, as we walked around the lake. We took a different route and were surprised to see the hummingbird perched low on the bush and so close to the water. They are usually high up, on the top of trees. It did not fly away when I reached out to take its picture. Leo was saying, “Thank you for all you are doing, Mom and Dad.”

The incident has been recorded in my blog, which then became a chapter in my book inspired by Leo, “The Infinite Bond.” He reassures us we are never separated, not even by death.

The latest…

The store where we usually buy our toiletries has been under renovation and we needed to visit another one. When we went there a couple of weeks ago, we were helped by a young, tall, and slim attendant. I was quite impressed with her service and asked for her the second time we were there. When I brought out my phone, she saw Leo’s picture and I was not prepared for what she said.

“I have a son who’s Leo. He’s four-and-a-half.”

How I love these sweet surprises! I know Leo is always connecting us with people who are helpful and kind. This is definitely not the first or last time. And he gives us evidence of his divine orchestrations. I took the opportunity to share about my Leo and how she could protect hers.

Sun Sign Leos

And then there are the ones who are LEOs because they have the same sun sign and even share the same August 10 birthdate as our Leo. One of the earlier recipients of the Leo Scholarship at the university is an example.

It was cold and pouring rain that second Angelversary, or Re-birthday, when standing outdoors in the Gardens for ceremony was not comfortable. Leo would not want anyone to get sick because of him. We decided to return to our hotel room to talk and to remember Leo. That was when his school friends had not yet graduated and were still at the university. This young man got word of the gathering and came to join us. He had never met our son in person, but he’d learnt about Leo through the scholarship.

The room was way too small for 18 people, but no one minded sitting on the floor and on the bed, sharing about their beloved friend. When I mentioned Leo’s birthdate, we heard this soft but clear voice saying, “My birthday is 8/10.” He was exactly a year younger than Leo and was also pursuing the same major. We are happy that he keeps in touch and is now practicing Law.

It could seem random, but it never is. Three summers ago, we were travelling to Victoria for Leo’s birthday, and it was the first time we had to miss two sailings on the ferry. When we were finally able to board, there were lots of cars and by the time we got upstairs, there was a long line up to get into the restaurant. We were in line waiting patiently, and suddenly I felt nudged to look behind me. I saw this tiny boy standing beside his parents. We started chatting and found that the family of five were originally from Vancouver, BC, but had relocated to Alberta because of the dad’s employment. I got some candies in my purse and gave them to the young kids. They were all beautiful, well-behaved, and under 10. We told them the reason we were going to Victoria and the little big sister said, “He’s going to be two tomorrow,” referring to the youngest boy. That meant he was a LEO with an 8/10 birthday. After lunch, I went to the gift shop to find a gift for the birthday boy. The first thing that got my attention was a small toy lion!

It all made sense to us. We could not have met if we were on any other sailing that day. We were meant to meet, and we made an instant connection. We are so glad we did and still keep in touch with the lovely mom across the miles. She is always appreciative of parenting tips I share, and we enjoy seeing the pictures of her growing boys and girl.

Two summers ago…

It was another delightful encounter when we found that the young couple sitting across from us were celebrating the husband’s birthday. It was on 8/10 and we were shown another LEO who shared the same birthday as our son. This was inside a restaurant located at the scenic Victoria harbour front. We had not planned to be there, but I’d felt nudged to change plans as we were walking to another restaurant. It was an amicable, and what seemed to be random, meeting. Not really. We found that we had all travelled to Victoria from the same hometown in Vancouver on the same day. And even more intriguing, the young woman shares the same birthday as CK. She told us her parents were still grieving for her younger brother and she appreciated the resources I shared with her. The meeting was synchronous for a reason.

Whether they are LEOs or not, our instincts always tell us our Compassionate son has a “hand” in making the connection. It takes our breath away when we hear the magical word LEO.

There is no doubt our precious Leo is still active in our lives and for that we are eternally grateful! And if you have read my book, you would know LEO has thanked me for choosing this name which he said is an acronym. It couldn’t be more Magical and Miraculous!


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  1. paola leslie
    December 3, 2021

    Thank you Mabel for sharing all these beautiful stories! Thank you Leo to inspire and working with your mom! I’m so happy that you and Nick are best buddies! Love never dies! Our children are always with us and guiding us in this earth journey! Love all of three of you! Beautiful family forever!

    • Mabel
      December 4, 2021

      Thanks Paola! Leo and Nick are amazing and we thank them for connecting us. 🙏❤️

  2. Cathy
    December 3, 2021

    Thank you, Mabel and Leo. Your writings help calm my “ego” brain that causes so much pain. My son is constantly showing us signs.

    • Mabel
      December 4, 2021

      That human part is understandable, Cathy! Sending you love and light! ❤️

  3. Katrina
    December 3, 2021

    Thank you for sharing all these amazing encounters! I love how Leo leads you to start up conversations, it truly is inspiring to hear you speak of vaccines and know how hard your family has worked to help the future children in BC ♥️

    • Mabel
      December 4, 2021

      Thanks Katrina!
      It is important to protect our children and we thank Leo for inspiring us. 🙏🙏

  4. Yin Chi Yip
    December 6, 2021

    It appears that Leo is here, there and every where, all over the world busy connecting and helping people. Well done Leo! It is truly magical. We all miss you.

    • Mabel
      December 7, 2021

      Leo is Omnipresent! The evidence speaks loudly.

      Our love with him connects us

      Love and Light to you!

  5. October 11, 2022

    I’m so grateful that I reached out to you on HPH and your Leo brought us together …. As I mentioned I’m a Sun Sign Leo with a birthday one day after your sweet Leis, on 8/11. We also connected through my son, Riley’s habit of showing me the number 10. Your post on 10/10 about your son Leo is what brought us, and our beautiful boys in spirit, together and I’m so very thankful for this Mabel 💗

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